10 Simple Skincare Tips You Will Need To Ease Into Fall – Dressbarn

10 Simple Skincare Tips You Will Need To Ease Into Fall

10 Simple Skincare Tips You Will Need To Ease Into Fall - Dressbarn

10 Simple Skincare Tips You Will Need To Ease Into Fall

As seasons change, these are the times we also adopt new routines, new habits, and of course, get new clothes. When it comes to fashion, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to for the Autumn and Winter season. But, sudden changes may not all be that exciting for our skin.

Every Skin Needs TLC

Taking care of our skin is a big part of looking good and feeling great every single day. From the hot summer sun, saltwater, and chlorine from pool sessions, perhaps it’s time to give your skin a bit more TLC. As we transition into the colder months, the way our skin reacts to the drop in temperature changes too. Indeed, gone are the days the warmer season’s humidity helps moisture stay in the skin and protect its barrier.

As the air gets drier and colder, and our heaters come up in full blast, chances are skincare tips become just as trendy and can come pretty handy. To boot, we’ve scoured the internet for skincare trends and personal experiences from real women all over the world when it comes to taking care of the skin for the colder months. Check out these simple, all-around skincare tips to prepare you for the season. 

 1. Go Thick with this Cardamom Vanilla Lotion 

The first step: Switch from watery lotion to thick, creamy lotion. Dry, cold air will require your skin a thicker moisturizer. Like body creams, this consistency is ideal for preventing the skin from water loss and, at the same time, providing the hydration it needs. Now would be the perfect time to slather on our Cardamom Vanilla Lotion ($32.95) and keep one in your vanity. For super-sensitive skin, hydrate with aloe first to ease discomforts brought on by psoriasis or eczema. And then later, proceed with thicker, fragrance-free moisturizers. A new skincare routine calls for a new jacket and a new pair of black booties to match the season’s stylish mood.

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2. Less Exfoliation, More Candle Lighting 

Photo source: pinterest.com

Unlike during Spring or Summer, cutting down on those frequent body scrub sessions at home is a must for Autumn and Winter. When it comes to colder days and dry air, it’s essential to lock in the moisture. Anything that will strip your skin’s natural oils can cause some irritation. Now, go ahead and exfoliate every once in a while. And when you do a full body scrub, avoid the harsh, dry brushing method. Light a candle as you lavish on an oil-based scrub that both exfoliates and hydrates at the same time.

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3. There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Balm

Stash your favorite balm in your purse for those urgent times to moisturize. Pick a rich balm or a healing salve that is great for multiuse. Slather on your lips, cuticles, elbows, and even on your knees. Even better, experiment and make your DIY versions that would also make as perfect gifts! Your skin will thank you for this. And while you’re at it, wear this cute scarf to complete your casual errands look as you carry a small tub of balm around.

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4. Invest in Hand Creams

Dry and cracked hands are just as uncomfortable as having chapped lips. A way to prevent this is to invest in a hand cream so you can maintain your soft and supple hands. We all use our hands daily, so we need to take care of them to do even the simplest tasks without hassle. And with hand creams, a little goes a long way. Meanwhile, those precious hands can keep warm and stylish with these gloves.

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5. Mind the Eyes

The skin around your eyes is sensitive, too. Make it a habit to put on a thin layer of eye cream for that daily dose of hydration on this part of your face. Eye creams vary for nighttime skincare routines and daytime skincare routines, so just pick which products best fit you. Adding this step may also decrease rapid signs of aging, such as wrinkles. When you’re gone to the office, running errands, or meeting up for coffee with a friend, decorate those lovely eyes by accessorizing with fierce aviator sunglasses, or a flattering pair of classic vintage glasses.

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6. Don’t Go Out Without SPF 

They say that the most critical part of a skincare routine is to protect it. Yes, it’s been a crucial advice: Never leave the house without sunscreen. Just because the sun isn’t out doesn’t mean UV radiation isn’t present. Always protect your skin from further damage by slapping on at least a daily SPF 30. But, on the days you’re running late, and you’re pressed for time, a wide floppy hat may do just fine.

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7. Vitamin C Is Key

Yes, you’re reading it right: Vitamin C. Simply add this to your regimen and see it naturally work its magic. They not only come in the usual tablet form, but they come in concentrated skin serums as well. Some of its benefits include evening out your skin tone, boost collagen production, and a brighter complexion. Dabbling in skin serums can be intimidating, but they are worth every drop. Don’t forget to add to that lovely glow by donning a pair of gorgeous dangling earrings or dainty jeweled hair pins to complement that radiant glow.

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8. A Boost with Humidifiers

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Hydration and moisturizing are definitely not just for preparing for the cold outdoors. At home, keep a humidifier running to add moisture to the air. Humidifier therapy prevents dryness and skin irritations from occurring, and at the same time ease flu symptoms. This step is perfect from day to night, especially if you’re working from home as the colder months approach. Match it up with a relaxing linen spray to add comfort to your space and allow for that much needed quality sleep.

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9. Overhaul Your Beauty Tools

Committing to that seasonal general cleaning session at home may be something you’re familiar with. But along with doing a good sweep of your house, fixing repairs, and disposing of items are also the washing, cleaning, and sanitizing of your beauty tools. Keep in mind that these are tools you use on your skin every single day, and they need to be cleaned regularly or even replaced so that those brushes don’t build up bacteria. 

Less bacteria means fewer skin breakouts or irritations. And before we forget, do some rounds on your makeup products and their expirations dates. Perhaps your makeup kit could do a complete overhaul as well. Along with that seasonal “spring cleaning”, gift yourself with some goods like scented candles, hand sanitizers, and soaps to keep around the house for daily use.

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10. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

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Need we say more? There’s probably no such thing as “too much water”. When it’s cold and we feel like we’re not breaking out a sweat, the lack of heat may feel like we don’t get thirsty at all. But when it all comes down to one thing, drinking water is not just good for your skin but for your overall health. There are multiple benefits to simply hydrating your body. To add, bring a reusable water bottle with you and wear a mask whenever you head out the door.

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Maintain That Glow All Year Round

Switching to thicker creams, trying Vitamin C serums, and drinking more water may seem like minuscule reminders. But, that's only in the beginning. Once you get the hang of everything, you’ll see and feel the beautifying effects from these tips from inside out. It’s more than locking in that precious moisture. Trends aside, changing up your skincare routine is essential to maintaining healthy, happy skin for all four seasons.

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