13 Celebrities who Prove You Can be Fabulous Over 50 – Dressbarn

13 Celebrities who Prove You Can be Fabulous Over 50

13 Celebrities who Prove You Can be Fabulous Over 50 - Dressbarn

13 Celebrities who Prove You Can be Fabulous Over 50

Perhaps, youth doesn’t necessarily come with age. Sometimes, it comes with the aura that we exude, our self-expression, and, most of all, our everyday fashion sense. As a woman grows older, it’s no surprise that her taste evolves as well. The sentiment is the same for women who are hitting their Golden Age: 50.

From Oscar winners, to Instagram influencers, to politicians, and even pop stars, we’ve rounded up these beautiful and powerful women as your next style icons. As fashion inspirations, they’ll give you cues on what’s stylish, comfortable, and age-appropriate. And at the end of the day, these 13 gorgeous trailblazers are relatable because they’re the typical, everyday women just like you.

1. The Household Name: Nicole Kidman

We’re starting off the list with household name Nicole Kidman. She has not only been the star of blockbuster movies, but she has also graced fashion campaigns and magazine covers. Her classic beauty is matched with her casual style of flowy dresses, florals, ruffles, and the occasional scarf and coat pairings. In an effort to capture her style as your own, begin with more flowy pieces like this Mix Media Flutter Sleeve Woven Peasant Tunic ($42.95). Wear it with a neat pair of slides and these Pull On Crop Lace Hem Pants ($24.99) for when you take a stroll outside.

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2. The Supermodel: Cindy Crawford

The 90s icon and supermodel, Cindy Crawford knows how to lead the fashion world even beyond her reign. Not only in style does she excel, but she also proves to be a family woman, a great mother, a loving wife, and a health advocate. All-in-all, she’s the full package we’re all vying for. We chose this Multi Stripe Texture 1 Pocket Shirt ($19.99) to reflect the sunny California vibe she carries. Go for Westport Signature 5 Pocket Skinny Ankle Jean with Snap Button at Ankle ($46.95) to go with this cool and casual look.

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3. The Idol: Michelle Obama

In her documentary film Becoming, Michelle Obama details her story, as well as her journey to creating her own self-made brand. Indeed, this has been a big step to shy away from her husband, former President Obama’s, popularity. Here, she also showed that she currently works with a personal stylist to attain the image she really wants to carry out through power-dressing, accessories, and metallic boots. Daring and bold, she simply shows that this is who she is. To come close, grab this Dotted Chiffon Blouse in Mauve ($44.95) to channel the Michelle Obama in you. Style it up with a fitting pair of skinny jeans and finish it off with Impo Vlossom Block Heel Sandals ($52.95).

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4. The Silverfox: Helen Mirren

Known for her feisty personality, Helen Mirren mirrors her roles with her natural way of being. Thus, she takes on the roles of strong independent women as well. Perhaps, this explains her laidback, straightforward, and direct fashion sense when it comes to her casual outfits as well as her red carpet appearances. This is what we mean: The bold lip, the monochromatic or neutral look, and perfectly tousled hair. Simple and subtle,  the Clip Dot Tie Front Knit Tee ($24.95) is something we see her (and you) wear on a regular basis. It’s definitely a piece that would be easy to dress up and dress down with. 

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5. The Iconic TV Host: Oprah Winfrey

Well, who doesn’t want to be somewhat like Oprah Winfrey, right? From rags to riches, the multi-billionaire is a busy woman. The famed TV host is now a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, and all-around businesswoman. For someone who’s always on-the-go, she prefers sleek and chic pieces, solid colors, and layering. For a bit of flair and drama, try the Cutie Smocking Top ($43.95) and pair it with the Pull On Flare Leg Pants with Zip Pockets ($37.95) for a sleeker edge. Now you have a go-to outfit for even the laziest business days!

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6. The Exotic Beauty: Halle Berry

We are rooting for every hot mama out there! Just like Halle Berry, who still bares her fiesty, powerful form before, during, and after having her two beautiful children. See? There’s absolutely nothing not to be confident about once you’ve hit the big 5-0. To recreate Halle Berry’s style, we picked out the 3/4 Sleeve Strappy Shoulder Knit Top ($34.95) to show a bit of skin in your everyday wardrobe. To match, wear these Thread Wrap Teardrop Earrings ($7.95) to add a little bit of a bohemian chic touch.

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7. The Chameleon: Cate Blanchett

Tall and blonde, with icy blue eyes, you must be wondering why we call Cate Blanchett a “chameleon.” Truth be told, she's nothing like the usual Barbie. We’ve seen her portray all kinds of roles and excel in delivering stellar performances throughout her career. For her go-to style, we see her in lots of sparkles, ruffles, and metallic numbers that make her shine even more. Embellishments, embellishments, and even more embellishments! This Vine Floral Baby Doll Dress ($44.99) compliments exactly how Cate plays with all those frills. Feminine and youthful, finish off the look with a pair of comfortable nude wedges, like the Impo Tacara Wedge Sandals ($65.95)

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8. The Fashion Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker

If you ask us, the one place we really want to raid in Sarah Jessica Parker’s house is her closet. Since starring in the iconic adaptation series Sex and the City, SJP has been one of the women to watch out for. And what we love about her style is how she carries the garments despite her ultra petite stature! Of lovely floral prints and flowy pieces, the Voile Popover Woven Top ($24.99) is comfy yet stylish at the same time. Pair this up with a white bottom, like the Drawstring Waist Pull On Crop Pant with Pockets ($19.99) for a carefree look from head-to-toe.

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9. The Not-So Plain Jane: Sandra Bullock

When you first take a look at Sandra Bullock, you would think she’s an average woman with brunette hair. But on-screen, it’s a different story. She not only shines in her roles, but we’ve also seen her through various genres of the film industry. Making a name for herself, she became that girl that everybody could relate to! We chose this Lace Up Stripe Knit Top ($19.99) because it reflects her accessible and friendly style easily! Accessorize with the 4 pc Front Back Earring Set ($9.95) to add a more feminine touch to your overall look.

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10. The Momager: Kris Jenner

Handling the rise of the careers of your 5 daughters must be one hell of a ride. But just because you’re stressed out, tired, swamped, and exhausted doesn’t give you a free pass to let yourself go. This is exactly what Kardashian clan “momager” Kris Jenner proves to us every single day. Classic in an all-black ensemble, the Rayon Span V-neck Tee ($12.95) with the Roz & Ali Secret Agent Pull on Pants Tummy Control with L Pockets ($32.95) will get the “momager” in you to get on with the day.

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11. The Diva: Jennifer Lopez

Simply incredible and multi-talented, J.Lo has been on the radio, on the screen, and live for everybody to witness. But there’s no slowing down for her just yet. Following her deep history and passion for dance and music, this “Dream” Tie Dye Tie Front Top ($19.99) is an ode to the journey she is currently on. A statement t-shirt, wear it with these Trio Oval Clutchless 2 Row Textured Hoop ($7.95) to add some diva in your style.

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12. The Comedienne: Jane Lynch

What we especially love about Jane Lynch’s style is that it is her own, period. She doesn’t give in to the pressure of fitting into beauty standards and chooses to go by what makes her her. We often see her in bomber jackets and tracksuits, as her signature style when she goes off-cam. This Hoodie Sweater Poncho ($14.99) is a piece that opts specifically for this style! Pair it up with Garment Washed Twill Rolled Hem Tie Waist Pants ($24.99) for added fun.

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13. The Dream Girl: Jennifer Aniston

There was a time when everyone either wanted to be Jennifer Aniston or wanted to be with Jennifer Aniston. Who knows, maybe that era never really came to an end. This screen darling has kept her stunning girl-next-door vibe through the years. Now being a grown-up woman, she’s still as charming as ever! To channel her look, we got this Stripe Wrap Hi-Lo Top ($19.99) as a basic go-to. And then, to further push for the casual look, just pair it up with these Mid Rise Skinny Pull On Jeans with Front and Back Pockets ($37.95)

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What does it really mean to be fabulous over the age of 50?

To feel and look fabulous is a myriad of meanings for every woman. For some, it means pampering themselves in a day spa, wearing that bold lip color, or getting a new haircut. While for others, it may mean wearing the most flattering silhouettes for their body. All of these are true, especially if being over 50 means having more self confidence!


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