8 Gift Ideas For the Woman Who Has Everything – Dressbarn

8 Gift Ideas For the Woman Who Has Everything

8 Gift Ideas For the Woman Who Has Everything - Dressbarn

8 Gift Ideas For the Woman Who Has Everything

When one gives a present, it usually comes with a lot of thought, care, and love. Perhaps, apart from the feasts and the reunions, this is truly how we should all celebrate the holidays, especially at this time -- through sincere gift-giving. But, as much as we want it to be all hassle-free, it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift. And now we must ask, what gift exactly should we give a woman who seems to have everything?

Gift-giving seems to be a natural talent for a lot of people. Yet for the rest of us, we look to guides and quick Google searches for some ideas. And even for that friend who seems to have everything, there’s bound to be something--an answer to what we can give her for the upcoming holidays. We’ve scouted gift ideas in our Dressbarn HQ and found chic, stylish, and wearable pieces that could be the perfect gift. From statement jewelry, to coats, to cozy slippers,  and even home essentials such as scented candles, here are thoughtful gifts just waiting to be wrapped and sent away for Christmas Eve.

1. Statement jewelry

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Chic, flashy accessories deserve a spot in our wardrobe essentials. Statement accessories like large pendant necklaces, beaded bibs, detailed and unique earrings elevate one’s style in just one go.  For the woman who has everything, she won’t see this coming! This thoughtful gift will be much appreciated because she can wear it with almost anything on any given day.

2. A chic coat

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Scoring a lovely and fashionable coat is like winning the lottery. And it’s even better when you receive it as a present. A woman who has everything can’t have one too many coats. A staple, she’ll be looking forward to donning her new stylish look with her new coat. Keep your best friend in mind as you browse and shop for the latest coat trends she can use daily.

3. A cozy pair of sweats

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It comes as no surprise: We all love a good pair of comfy sweats, especially now that most of us are stucked at home. Giving fashionable sweats as a present isn’t only thoughtful, but it’s also practical because they fit in our wardrobe basics. Nowadays, sweats aren’t just for lounging in. Its style versatility makes for a comfortable chic wardrobe ensemble that you can pair with strappy heels, sneakers, trench coats, and even leather jackets. For the woman who seems to have everything, she can go for her new sweats to run errands and for a casual weekend vibe.

4. Timely warm accessories

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Sometimes, even the woman who has everything can’t be bothered to shop for stylish winter accessories to keep her warm. Accessories that bring warmth and style at the same time are the ideal gifts for the woman on-the-go, especially so she won’t have to go out of her way to shop for them. This way, you can also show her that cold-weather accessories are not only necessary sartorial picks but can come in stylish ways as well.

5. Handy travel accessories

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We all have that one friend or family member who never seems to be in one place, except for the holidays. Holiday reunions are the perfect time to catch up, exchange gifts, and have a feast with those dear to us. For that woman who seems to have everything, it must include traveling. And what better way to give them a present than to gift them with something they can really use? In this case, we’re talking about classy, durable, and stylish luggage sets that they can use once the lockdown is over. Now, they’ll never have to worry about taking the wrong luggage, or not having the proper bag to carry everything with them while on vacation. 

6. Beautiful sweaters

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The simplest gifts may sometimes be the most special. We all love beautiful sweaters that keep us chic and comfortable. If you’re planning to give a sweater to a friend, add your own touch to it by adding a custom detail like their initials. How sweet is that? A woman who has everything won’t be able to replace a gift like this one.

7. Fun, fuzzy slippers

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Fuzzy, indoor slippers are your feet’s best friends when it comes to lounging at home, as you savor your me-time. For the woman who has everything, remind her to slow down and unwind every now and then. Gift her a pair of chic and cozy fuzzy slippers that will keep her warm and cozy at home this season.

8. Home goods

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No one can really have too many home goods. For the holidays, home goods like soy wax candles, decorative throws, and aromatic linen sprays are the perfect gifts for anyoneWith these thoughtful pieces, they’ll never need more reminding to cozy up in their personal space.

Every gift is special

A thoughtful friend during the holidays is a gift that keeps on giving. But nowadays as we combat a pandemic, there’s a great distance that physically separates us from our friends and family. This is a challenge that makes it more complicated to reach out, especially for special moments like the holidays.

Nowadays, sending out gifts and presents could not be more hassle-free! You can do everything in the comfort and safety of your own home. We, at Dressbarn, offer cute gift items for every family member and loved one you have on your list. Get a head start and avoid the rush by doing it all early and ahead of the crowd.

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