8 Pieces for Your Updated Capsule Wardrobe – Dressbarn

8 Pieces for Your Updated Capsule Wardrobe

8 Pieces for Your Updated Capsule Wardrobe - Dressbarn


In a nutshell, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing items that changes with the season. It’s primarily associated with terms like minimalism or easy dressing—anything that equates to having ‘less’ in your closet. But since summer is well on its way, we can’t stop thinking about the few new pieces we want to add to our rotation. They might as well be the outfits we’ll wear when we re-enter society after being cooped up indoors for so long.

If this is your first capsule wardrobe, you might be confused as to where to begin. You want to stay true to your personal style, even if it means having less. You’ll still have room for creativity when it’s time to mix and match pieces. Ahead, we have a few tips that can help you kickstart your capsule style.


“Where do I begin?”

There are no rules when it comes to starting a capsule closet. Having too many restrictions might lead to an uninspired wardrobe, and you don’t want that. However, you can set some rules (or ‘loose rules’ as we like to call them) to serve as a guide when selecting key pieces.

Decluttering is the first step

Reducing is essential when creating your capsule wardrobe. It’ll be easier for you to start from scratch or if you only have a few pieces to work with. You can go full-on Marie Kondo and ask yourself which ones spark joy and which ones do not.

Select a base palette

This step is optional, but it can help narrow down your choices. You can go with navy or black because they’re the easiest colors to match with neutral essentials. For example, chambray comes in different shades of blue but goes well with any neutral (beige, khaki, white, etc.).

Below, we’ve listed seven essentials to carry you through summer and beyond. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, it will be a capsule consisting of timeless, versatile, and stylish staples. We’ve picked out items that can be mixed and matched, from flowy jumpsuits to long-sleeved tops.


1. Popover blouses

This lightweight top provides a comfy and breathable feel whatever the weather; call it an elevated shirt if you will. You can wear it with jeans, cut-offs, and skirts.

You might like these:

Wear with:


2. White pieces

Two words: light and breezy. Whether it’s a dress, off-shoulder top, or trousers, you’ll get a lot of wear from white staples, especially once summer rolls around. Dress up in an all-white ensemble with a leather tote or a woven hat, and look effortlessly chic and classy from head to toe.

You might like these:

Add these accessories:


3. Floral dresses

We couldn’t leave out floral dresses on this list. They’re such a classic, plus they can be dressed up or down. We love wearing ours with flats and a lightweight cardigan, a tried-and-true outfit formula that’s perfect for casual occasions.

You might like these:

Add these accessories:


4. Puff-sleeve tops

This trend has been popular for the past few years and has no plans on stopping in 2021. From the year 2000 iterations to more recent and seasonal styles featuring statement collars and embellishments, you can never go wrong with this piece.

You might like these:

Add these accessories:


5. Tote bags

A carry-all is essential whether you’re traveling or simply running errands around the city. Choose from canvas, leather, straw, or even PVC—we guarantee that they go with any outfit

you wear this season.

You might like these:


6. Matching loungewear

We now live in a time where we can freely wear loungewear outside the house. Opt for a matching set that’s made with quality and durable material. This category also includes activewear, such as yoga pants, biker shorts, and sweatshirts.

You might like these:


7. High-rise pants

There’s a reason why high-waist pants are the superior bottoms (okay, it’s still debatable). They’re super flattering, comfortable, and available in various lengths. Wear them with heels, sneakers, wedges, platforms, knee-high boots—the style possibilities are endless!

You might like these:


8. The Everyday Sandal

Beach slides, espadrilles, ballet flats, and fisherman sandals all fall under this category. We know you love sneakers, but sandals can add a more feminine touch to your everyday outfits (and they’re just as comfortable!).

You might like these:


Don’t be afraid to get creative

With the oversaturation of trends, having a capsule wardrobe is a breath of fresh air. Enjoy getting dressed, making endless outfit combinations, and looking at your neat, clutter-free closet. Also, there’s something about it that screams sustainability—something the fashion industry needs more of in our current climate.

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