Spotted in DB: Essentials to Own for Building Your Capsule Closet – Dressbarn

Spotted in Dressbarn: Essentials to Own for Building Your Capsule Closet

Spotted in Dressbarn: Essentials to Own for Building Your Capsule Closet - Dressbarn

Spotted in Dressbarn: Essentials to Own for Building Your Capsule Closet

Our ways of everyday dressing have changed drastically throughout the new normal. If anything, it has encouraged us more to take a step back and assess what’s in our closets. We have to admit; we’ve all had a proclivity for following more heart than head when we shop. So more than attempting to organize and add further to an assemblage that you rarely touch half of, a little editing is very much warranted. 

And with a bountiful array of seasonal trends to pore over, wise sartorial decisions need to be made when building or expanding your capsule closet. With the help of some stylish Dressbarn women, we’re here to help you with your spring wardrobe curation. 

Edit an Effective Collection of Workwear

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The best way to motivate you in the early mornings is to put on a chic outfit. A collection of throw-on-the-go failsafes will break you out of a style rut and help you stop guessing on what to wear to work. On top of this list are easy layers. Consider a high-quality jean jacket or duster cardigan to go with virtually anything. Or perhaps a sweater vest with subtle but colorful prints as a finisher over your long sleeves or button-downs. 

Upgrade With a Cozy Detail

More than just loungewear, stay cozy with fur details that will encourage you to up your style game for the colder months. Even a basic off-shoulder top can be elevated with a fuzzy trim and is a perfect transitional piece for in-between weather. When investing in winter coats, shearling collars are our favorite. A vest with an inner shearling lining is a great option, too, to give more warmth with your rib knits. 

Dazzle on Your Special Nights

We’ve covered daytime bases, and it wouldn’t be an efficient capsule closet if you didn’t have your go-to evening pieces. Nothing quicker comes to mind than an LBD. If you love black, it’s perfectly fine to have several of them in different variations. They’re eternally classy and easy to elevate, after all. We love velvet, glitter, and silk for textures as the sheen just goes beautifully with metallic jewelry or a satin red lip. 

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Make Friends with Spring Essentials

Get acquainted because these will be your saviors for those days you can’t think of what to wear. A linen midi embodies the freshness of spring especially in a clean palette. On the two-piece side, softly-detailed sweater hybrids make for great pairings with light wash jeans, while floral mesh tops add that beloved seasonal decor to boost a minimal fit. 

Get Back Into Your Groove

An edit can definitely help you get out of a sartorial rut. This will make you think of all the pieces you really love to wear more than just being a one-season wonder. And even after you’re done, it’s going to feel refreshing to never have those daily dilemmas and be able to expertly mix and match. 

Of course, a capsule closet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy bold colors and distinct cuts. Whatever your picks, utilize your essentials’ versatility and don’t be afraid to make styling choices out of the box. Most importantly, choose what makes you feel good about yourself.

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