Elevating Basics For Your Wardrobe – Dressbarn

Elevating Basics For Your Wardrobe

Elevating Basics For Your Wardrobe - Dressbarn

Elevating Basics For Your Wardrobe

We may face two situations when we look into our closets. One is realizing we have too many basics; the second is recognizing we don’t have enough, and thus, we need to start collecting them to complement our growing seasonal pieces.

Whichever situation we face, knowing how to elevate our basics come in handy to achieve that polished, effortless everyday look. 

Accessorizing Denim Jeans

Signature Bootcut 5 Pocket Denim Jean

Denim is a definite staple in anyone’s closet. A good pair can last for years and go with several tops. There are other ways to style denim aside from cuffing the hem or wearing a belt. Try using a scarf as a belt or adding brooches to give oomph to an otherwise basic bottom. 

Ready-to-Wear Alternatives

Style Hacks for White Blouses

Haifa Lace Wrap Top

White tops are versatile and practical for any occasion. They make us look fresh, clean, and classy. But wearing white all the time can get boring, so it’s good to spice things up whenever possible. One style hack is layering it with colored tops. Choose a color that will go well with the bottom you intend to wear and layer it with your white top. If what you’re wearing has short sleeves, pick a colored top with long sleeves to wear underneath. For long-sleeved tops, wear a colored vest or sleeveless cardigan over.

Other White Tops For Layering

The Little Black Dress Revamped

Strawberry Fields Puff Sleeve Linen Mini Dress - Plus

Who doesn’t have at least one little black dress in her closet? It’s a versatile piece to wear to cocktail parties, work events, dates, and so on. The well-known LBD can be much more when accessorized, layered, and styled correctly. It can be a capsule piece worn regularly while looking different each time. The shoes or accessories you pair with it can make it look casual or dressy.

Other LBDs to Try

Classic T-Shirt Dress

Comfortable pieces are a must-have in our closet. We have those days when we don’t want to look dressy and would instead put on a plain tee. But there are moments too when we’re in the mood to dress up our t-shirts. 

Layering is one way to style tees, and adding accessories makes plain tees look more sophisticated. Use pins or brooches to accessorize them and make them look unique.

Other Elevated Tees To Try

Coco Cotton Wide Leg Pants

Suits are no longer limited to the standard boxy type. We can opt for dressy and relaxed suits to wear anytime and for varied occasions. Suit tops and bottoms can also be mixed and matched to create attractive looks. 

Suit Alternatives To Try

Basics Don’t Always Have To Be Plain

Though we choose to have basic pieces in our closet for their plain look, they don’t always have to be. That way, we don’t get tired of them quickly. Elevate your basics from time to time, or get them in unique styles for an unexpected take on the practical closet staple.

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