Seasonal must-haves, WFH styling tips, and more Fall/Winter fashion tips and tricks


Seasonal must-haves, WFH styling tips, and more Fall/Winter fashion tips and tricks 

Years of industry experience pushes you to refine your unique taste, observe the changing tides, and go with the flow. But above all, fashion evolves and allows you to grow and explore towards wider horizons. 

From the ins and outs of the season, to pieces we should splurge and save on, and down to every woman’s wardrobe seasonal must-haves, we’re giving you the lowdown on the F/W fashion. We caught up with LA-based stylist, Whitney, to talk us through her current favorites, how she dresses up in the morning, and chic WFH outfits.

Dressbarn (DB): How would you explain Fall/Winter Fashion?

Whitney, stylist (WS): “Fall/ Winter fashion really varies depending upon where you live, but first and foremost, it is all about implementing texture and layering into your wardrobe.  I love really soft cozy sweaters and amazing jackets and trench coats with interesting prints.”

Because styles are not always universal, clothing options for the season vary in thickness and texture. 

DB: Can you tell us about the latest iconic F/W looks you’ve seen in a while that we should try? 

WS: I love the Khaite bra top look with the matching cardigan, loafers with cute socks, oversized trenches in fun color ways and prints.  Everyone is really on a mission to elevate their sweat look for whenever they are able to get out of the house.” 

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There are plenty of looks you can try when it comes to styling your sweater look. If you’re wary about colors, start with cardigans and other outerwear of choice in subdued tones before diving in on multiple colorways and busy prints. These pieces will transcend time and trends. 

DB: F/W trends you’ve been loving lately?

WS: “Pastel colors are a big part of the F/W trend this season and I love pairing pastels back to autumn colors such as chocolate brown and rust, cashmere tracksuits for dressy or casual depending on how it is styled, statement earrings, leopard and zebra print, and collars.”

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There’s no better time to get playful in pastels than the Autumn season. Draw your mix-and-match cards and experiment with more texture, pairing prints with more prints (our favorite is the animal print), or piling on accessories to add an edge to your feminine look. With its soft yet versatile characteristic, the pastel trend may stay with you all year long.

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“Fall/ Winter fashion really varies depending upon where you live, but first and foremost, it is all about implementing texture and layering into your wardrobe.”

 DB: Can you name your 3 must-have items for Fall/Winter?

WS: “Ganni nylon collars, Prada or Chanel oxford to be worn back with printed socks, and several of the dresses from Proenza Schouler. Can we say 4 actually? The Bottega Veneta Lido heels in any color.”

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DB: Let’s talk about investment pieces. Which items should a woman splurge on? What should she save on?

WS: “Splurge on a grey or black sweater or cardigan that you will wear hundreds of times for multiple years - save on colored sweaters as they are more trendy.  Colors that are super popular are: light blue, burgundy, pink and rust. Spend on a nice leather loafer. Chanel and Prada have amazing ones, ATP Atelier has one at a contemporary price point and Zara also has great options when it comes to Fast Fashion. Spend on a leather jacket or leather blazer.  One of my favorite brands is Deadwood. Splurge on a coat in wool or a puffer and save on a style that is printed or bright colored in more of a trend focus.”

Think of the item’s cost per wear. For example, if you purchase a coat worth $100 and wear it 50 times, it’s technically $2 per wear. Purchase items worth every cent - anything you can throw on day in and day out, wear for years to come, and will match the pieces you already own is a good fashion investment. 

“Splurge on a grey or black sweater or cardigan that you will wear hundreds of times for multiple years - save on colored sweaters as they are more trendy.”

DB: What were the films and pop culture references that have greatly influenced F/W fashion?

WS: “You can see so many up and coming trends in the new show Emily in Paris.  She mixes high and low fashion so well, but I am most impressed with how well she walks in heels all the time throughout the streets of Paris- that is NOT an easy task!”

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DB: Easy styling tips and tricks for daily use

WS: “Collars are so much fun to change a basic sweater or sweatshirt into a more exciting and fun look. Also, removable collars are perfect for zoom calls.  They come in lace, nylon, and many other fabric options. You can pair a nice coat or a trench with sweats and oxfords, loafers or a boot and it dresses up an otherwise casual look.  A statement earring is always an easy way to make a look more interesting.  I also love all of the headbands with fun details.”

We’re all familiar with hectic schedules, a change of plans, as well as a change of outfits. Accessories will let us elevate our daytime-to-evening looks. From jewelry sets to face masks, change the mood as swiftly as the occasion calls for it. 


DB: How do you stay stylish when it is zero or negative degrees outside?

WS: “Layering is KEY! Styling a winter coat over a blazer with a lighter sweater or blouse under the blazer is a super chic and great way to layer.  You can also add a fur collar in a fun color or print to your jacket.  If the collar is removable it can warm your neck and make your look more stylish and unique at the same time.”

Here’s a useful and fashionable styling tip you can weave into your daily routine for the colder days ahead. Layering, especially for the Winter season, is the best way to keep yourself comfortable without compromising your style. Put together a combination of fashion pieces that blend well together. There’s no need to go over-the-top, simply mix up a color or a unique print to keep things interesting. A little flair here and there makes a significant difference, too.


DB: Care to indulge us in your foolproof tricks on dressing up in the morning for the season?

WS: “Think of one piece you want to wear for the day when you wake up in the AM and build on that look.  For example, I may want to wear a leopard pony hair blazer so I will build my look based on that.  If I have a zoom call I may dress it back to a black turtleneck and jeans or if I am taking a meeting I could style it over a black midi dress and pair it back to a cute pair of ankle booties.  Find great pieces that make layering easy. Ganni has my favorite mock neck mesh turtlenecks in a variety of prints.  I always suggest these to clients as they are double layered and look great by themselves or layered under a dress or coat.  Don’t be afraid to match prints or on the other end wear full tonal looks-either way can be SUPER chic!”

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Day by day, begin with that single garment that you can wear with almost anything. This is all about applying your own creativity.

If there’s any other advice we can share to you, it’s to simply keep trying new things. Fashion is not only about looking good, but it’s about feeling good as you climb out of your comfort zone. Take it from Whitney, a sartorialist who has tried it all before she could come up with these tricks for you. Because style is very personal, invest in fashion pieces you truly like and just have all the fun. There’s nothing to fear about being ultra chic in your own way. Have fun dressing up this season! 

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