Spotted In Dressbarn: 8 of Our Favorite Looks, Styled by You

Spotted In Dressbarn: 8 of Our Favorite Looks, Styled by You

Spotted In Dressbarn: 8 of Our Favorite Looks, Styled by You - Dressbarn

Spotted In Dressbarn: 8 of Our Favorite Looks, Styled by You

World-renowned fashion designer Diane Von Furstenburg once said, "Style is something each of us already has; all we need to do is find it." And we couldn't agree more. The wonderful thing about fashion is that it’s recurring and ever-evolving, but the one thing we all can truly hold on to is our personal style. Incorporating this every time we dress up is a way to get to know ourselves, refine our taste, and learn to express our fashion preferences.

This can mean wearing casual pieces such as denim pants, the go-to floral dress, and even funky patterns and statement accessories for the everyday woman. These are examples of common styles we see worn by all types of women every day, whether on the street or social media. Yet, no matter the similarities, women are all different, unique, and exceptional in their way, especially when it comes to style.

Whether you’re working from home or are office-based, or are simply at liberty to be able to leave the house safely (or not), revel in the joys of shopping, dressing up, and feeling good. And most especially, do it for you. Spotted in none other than Dressbarn pieces, we’re featuring these beautiful women who are proud to show off their unique takes with simple yet cute clothing.

1. The Denim Obsessed

Time and time again, denim never ceases to make an appearance for the season. Its versatility simply creates wonders for any style mood you’re feeling. Whether you’re heading out for errands, attending an intimate pot-luck dinner at a neighbor’s house, or even coming in the office with a semi-casual look, denim’s timelessness proves its spot as a staple in your everyday wardrobe. Other than that, denim is ultra comfortable as well. Wear denim as a one-piece dress outfit, as jeans, or as a jacket for a layering piece.

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 2. The Working Woman

Strong, independent, and beautiful working women everywhere! Office outfits don’t necessarily have to be full-on corporate all the time. Where or not you’re in a real office or working from home, don’t hesitate to slip on those heels, wear those earrings, and finish off your look for another day’s work. Sometimes dressing up is the way for you to find your groove. And if you’re really feeling it, switch up your accessories with statement earrings, colored pumps, or a bedazzled bag.



3. The Flower Lover

Flowers instantly add a feminine and youthful touch to any outfit. They can be worn all year round in accessories and clothing, and they immediately add personality to your whole look. What’s even better is that floral prints or embroidery don’t have to be loud or busy; subtle details are just as flattering as the bigger counterparts.  From floaty, flowing dresses to form-hugging pieces, florals are simply easy to love. Feel free to have them your way because these women sure had fun injecting their personalities in these pieces.


 4. The Super Mom

Due to fashion’s ever-evolving nature, we no longer have to rely on boring, plain, and all-too simple maternity wear. Preparing for pregnancy is no easy feat, and it doesn’t get easier throughout the rest of the journey either. But at least, for the expecting moms or new moms out there, you finally have a wide array of clothing options to choose from. No matter how easy or difficult your pregnancy may be, you’ll get to look good in wrap dresses, flowy skirts, and form-fitting dresses still! We’ve got options for transitional clothing, full-on maternity clothes, as well as postpartum choices. Sweet!


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 5. The Retro Queen

If there’s one thing that could give off a retro vibe, it would be polka dots. Polka dots are fun, quirky, and they fit women of all ages. They come in small and big shapes, so they cater to different preferences as well. Additionally, they’re made available for almost any season, on both clothing and accessories. So the next time you’re thinking of playing up your prints and switching up your style, you may want to consider polka dots as an option. Have fun, complete the retro look with the perfect hair, pearl accessories, and apply that bold lip.

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 6. The Maximalist

Truth be told, accessories are not usually considered the main attraction of your whole look. Your shoes, your bags, and your hats are considered the co-stars of the season. But investing in them and wearing them over and over proves that their timelessness keeps your wardrobe sustainable and stylish at the same time. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to finish off the outfit with statement accessories such as a metallic collar necklace or an essential such as a sequined antibacterial face mask. When it comes to accessorizing, you do you.


 7. The Basics Expert

Pieces considered basics such as plain t-shirts, tank tops, and leggings are every woman’s go-to closet pieces. They’re accessible, and they're easy to throw on and style with on any given day. Basics can be worn in the workplace (as a layering piece), at home, while working out, and running errands, among many others. Because of all this, they instantly make for great options for almost any occasion.

 8. The Real Influencer

We’ve spotted these lovely women showing off their fresh looks in nothing but Dressbarn pieces. With the combination of your style and the use of social media, you may be someone who can inspire other women to experiment and show off their personal styles as well.


9. The Cardigan Dreamer

Knitwear shouldn’t only be reserved for winter. All year round, keep cozy in light knitwear such as open cardigans. For casual sunny days, carry around a simple cardigan you can throw on over a plain t-shirt with jeans and sneakers. And as temperatures get colder, ease into Autumn and Winter with chunkier knitwear for your transitional wardrobe. Carry a fashionable staple piece with you everywhere you go, so you can use it to switch up your style from day to night or simply use it for emergencies. Now, you can always be ready and prepared in vogue.


Same Same, But Different

Getting dressed up is always a personal choice. We’ve all had those mornings wherein we accidentally spent an hour in front of the mirror. Now that times have changed with a stay-at-home setup, each of our style narratives has surely taken a turn. But it doesn’t mean you can’t relish in dressing up, even as you stay at home.

The best thing about fashion and relearning your style is that there’s no right or wrong answer. Allow your creativity to flourish and for your fashion instincts to re-emerge. Let yourself feel the thrill of slipping on a pair of heels. Whether you’re a minimalist who appreciates comfortable and functional pieces, or a lady who loves anything that sparkles and shines, know that you can always put your twist on your everyday style. When it comes to fashion, to each her own.

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