Spotted in Dressbarn: The 9 Instagram-worthy Pieces Worn by You

Spotted in Dressbarn: The 9 Instagram-worthy Pieces Worn by You

Spotted in Dressbarn: The 9 Instagram-worthy Pieces Worn by You - Dressbarn

Spotted in Dressbarn: The 9 Instagram-worthy Pieces Worn By You

 Sometimes, all you need is that one great shot. Sharing a photograph of your Outfit Of The Day (#OOTD) can take a lot of work behind the scenes, but it’s definitely fun every time, especially when you’re wearing clothes you love. This is why it excites us to see you wearing your Dressbarn pieces and tag us on Instagram.

Here, we spotted more than 9 Dressbarn pieces worn by you, all on different occasions and different locations. Browse through this list to take sartorial cues from women of varied style preferences. This just goes to show that fashion is made for every type of woman.

1. The Everyday Midi

Everybody loves to be effortlessly chic. Everyday shirt dresses, midi pieces, and kaftans are the go-to pieces for that easy put-together look, even on busiest days. This striped midi dress is simply irresistible and would make for a timeless wardrobe staple all year round.

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 2. The Sexy Satin

When creativity rushes in, throwing on a sexy piece every now and then will not only push your confidence but it will also allow you to play up your personal style. Going for a bold, satin piece can elevate a look, and it makes for a suitable alternative to your expensive taste without breaking your budget.  After all, a little bit of sexy and glam can’t hurt.  

Click here to shop the Bebe Satin Midi Dress  ($39.99)

 3. The Maxi Dress

What we especially love about the maxi dress is that it suits almost any occasion, whether you’re at home to lounge for the day or attend a daytime or evening social gathering. It’s a way to freshen up your look with just the right amount of drama. Style with heels or flats, and minimally accessorize and you’re good to go.

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 4. The Faux Fur

Ultra chic, glamorous, and cruelty-free. Wearing faux fur is all about sprucing up your fall and winter fashion as you stay comfy and warm for the coming months. You can use faux fur outerwear to layer your casual looks or add it on top to finish a maximalist look. There are no rules in looking and feeling good.


Click here to shop the Faux Fur Zip Up Bomber Jacket in Black ($52.95)

 5. The Day-to-Night Power Dresser

For the boss lady in you, sometimes work doesn’t stop. From meetings to projects, presentations, and countless deadlines in between, the one thing you can ensure is looking good while doing it all. Power dressing is all about owning your personal brand even when you work from home or juggle your tasks all day in the office. And a great way to seal the deal is to strut in a sophisticated jumpsuit or a perfectly fitting pair of pants, wear those stunning pumps, and throw on a blazer you can remove for a drink with the ladies at night.


Click here to shop the Bebe Halter Jumpsuit ($49.99)


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 7. Mom’s Day Out

Maternity dressing and postpartum fashion can be quite tricky. This can be confusing and overwhelming for moms-to-be and the new moms today. But, gone are the days when maternity clothing was simply all about baggy, shapeless dresses. Now, you have all the freedom to switch it up with wrap dresses, chic and form-hugging sweaters, and glamorous pieces that offer comfort and style.

Click here to shop the Little Momma's V-Neck Wrap Dress ($55.95)

 7. The Versatile Kimono

Layering with a kimono is a surefire way to enhance and add flair to your entire look because it automatically styles it up without all the fuss. Its versatility has proven itself to be a stylish staple, whether you’re at the beach or the mall. Even better, it can match the mood from daytime to sunsets, and up to pot-luck dinners with your best pals.


Click here to shop the Curve Enhancing Goddess Kimono ($47.95)


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8. The Bejeweled Face Masks

Reusable and washable face masks have become an accessory made for daily use. Over time, it’s certainly made its way into our everyday fashion choices as an essential piece. Thankfully, varied options and styles are readily made available to us, catering to every taste there is.

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Click here to shop the Silver Rhinestone Fashion Face Mask ($15.95)

 9. The Cute Pajama Set

Just because you rarely have visitors and friends over doesn’t mean you can’t dress up in style. Yes, we mean this even for pajamas. If you needed some convincing to overhaul your “home clothing” then this should be it! Great pajama sets and sleepwear are worth the investment.


Click here to shop the Caribbean Joe Polka Dot Tank & Short Sleepwear Set ($36.00)

Not Just for the Likes

When you dress up, make sure you’re dressing up for yourself and not for anybody else. Your own fashion journey should be personal, and not based solely on the approval of an audience. This way, you solidify your true identity, you refine your taste, all while looking and feeling good.

Don’t forget to share this blog post with a friend if they happen to be featured on this list. The more, the merrier! We can’t wait to feature more Dressbarn women who exude beauty, confidence, and style.


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