Spotted in DB: Styles to Explore for Your Spring Wardrobe Refresh – Dressbarn

Spotted in DB: Styles to Explore for Your Spring Wardrobe Refresh

Spotted in DB: Styles to Explore for Your Spring Wardrobe Refresh - Dressbarn

Spotted in DB: Styles to Explore for Your Spring Wardrobe Refresh

With the season coming to a transition, an ample array of trends are pouring over for our consumption. These times, especially with the new year, could understandably put pressure on us to make big changes. But there’s no need for a complete and possibly painstaking overhaul. The best way to approach this is to break styles down and invest in new pieces that will easily slide right into your existing closet and can be styled in a myriad of ways. 

We know this could be a confusing one to figure out so we’re here to help you get started. Use these four different styles as a guide on choosing your next wardrobe additions. And with the help of some Dressbarn ladies too, we swear these will fit in effortlessly with your current assemblage.

Channel Some French Romance

Shop the Ruby Slip Dress ($69.95)

The timeless appeal of the Parisian style is what makes it such a sartorial icon. Its dressy rendition is definitely a lesson in romantics we can take cues from. Aside from the classic black, try going a little bolder with your dresses with an audacious red shade. It’s a spotlight stealer especially in the form of silky slips, high slits, and wrap silhouettes. 

Multi-Wear is the Way

Browse through the Work From Home collection 

Carefully considered buys are key to filling your new wardrobe with wearable pieces. Choose ones you’ll be able to mix with other existing basics and take from morning Zoom meetings to small evening dinners and laid-back weekends. A trusty workwear dress can easily be topped with an oversized blazer or a loose button-down can be paired with an angora sweater vest—the world is your sartorial oyster. 

Spice It Up With Textures

Shop the Lisa Pleated Leather Skirt ($121.95)

Consider these chic outfits a testament to texture. It truly has the power to transform a look no matter how casual or low-key. A sheen to your WFH shirts, stitch details on your knits, or pleats in your skirts can conjure up a subtle but luxe appeal that makes all the difference. Once you get a hold of select striking pieces you really like, it’s sure to be a love affair you’ll want to revel in. 

Refresh Your Palette

Shop the Amber Peasant Dress ($64.99)

It’s time for some new color codes. Black and white may be your fail-safes, but playing with eye-catching hues or even practicing tonal dressing with neutrals can uplift both your mood and your ensemble like no other. Ease into it with a beloved staple like a billowy-sleeved top for work or perhaps a more forgiving route, a breezy floral maxi for weekends and destination looks. 

Choose what makes you feel confident

Our lifestyles have changed over the past year and so have our closets. It’s completely fine to have had adjustments to your style too. Previous wardrobe revamps may have been all about the latest It accessories and all the newfangled styles you can think of. Put the focus this time around on selections you’ll continuously love and will give you that powerful, transformative boost that will endure seasons and trends. 

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