Stand Out With These 14 Statement Accessories This Autumn Season – Dressbarn

Stand Out With These 14 Statement Accessories This Autumn Season

Stand Out With These 14 Statement Accessories This Autumn Season - Dressbarn

Stand Out With These 14 Statement Accessories This Autumn Season 

As we always say: Autumn is the time to explore the unique fashion choices and the different styles that are made available to you. This sentiment goes for accessorizing as well. Jewelry doesn’t have to be fancy. Sometimes it can just be trendy and fun. To accessorize can even mean a lot of things to different people. For us, accessories range from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, eyewear, headwear such as hats, turbans, and barrettes, as well as bags, and shoes.  The list could go on and on.

Accessorizing is to indulge in appreciating yourself and how you look. So, don’t think twice! Go ahead and grab those bold earrings, suede thigh-high boots, and that lovely scarf. We’ve created this list to cover all the bases and show you the most coveted statement accessories you can wear this season.

1. Necklace: The Gold Statement

There probably isn’t a better way to start off this list than with a gold statement necklace. This Gold Crescent Moon Necklace ($9.95) adds glow to any occasion, whether casual or formal. With a beautiful necklace like this, pair it up with this deep v-neckline Striped Loose Dress ($118.95) for a sexier edge to your look.

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2.Bracelet: The Miss Americana

Why buy a single piece when you can have them all for the price of one? With a high polish silver bangle set like the Americana Charm Bangle Bracelet Trio Set ($12.95), you can have multiple choices in one go. You can wear one piece today, then 3 pieces the next day. Own your ultra feminine side and celebrate it with the charms details that go with every bangle! Wear them with a Denim Utility Jacket with Flap Pockets and Hidden Waist Drawcord ($60.95), and pair with white denim jeans for that slight nod to the “all-American” look.

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3. Safety: The Ultimate Mask Chain


In the age of a pandemic, we’ve all found creative ways to keep ourselves and others’ health and safety the top priority. And as we continue to sport all fashionable styles of face masks, this also includes making sure that we don’t lose them or just let them lay around in random places. We’ve figured that in making stylish accessories, like this Gunmetal Beaded Mask Chain ($12.95) that it will encourage people to wear masks, too! Pair this with the Solid Anti-Bacterial Fashion Face Mask ($9.95) in Heather Grey to balance out the look. Also, this face mask chain can double as an eyeglass chain! Win-win! 

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4. Eyewear: The Retro Smoulder 

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer. In fact, you can wear them all year round. These Retro Vintage Cat-eye Sunglasses ($6.95) is a surefire way to add some vintage glam to your outfits. Go for the classy look and pair this with the Roz & Ali Novelty Jacquard Pant with Zipper Pockets ($37.95) and pair of stilettos. 

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5. Set: The Ombre Layers 


Well, if you can’t decide, accessory sets are always a good idea, just like this all-blue 5 Row Multi Beaded Set ($17.95). This way, you won’t have to take too much time deciding which accessory goes where. For the on-the-go lady, wear this with the relaxed Uma Shirt Dress ($125.95) and maybe some plain white sneakers. Keep it plain and simple, yet with a slight pop of color.

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6. Set: The Golden Medallion


We all want a little more gold every now and then. This golden medallion set is perfect for formal events and relaxed social gatherings. This Golden Medallion Beaded Layered Necklace and Earring Set ($14.95) features 3 tiered layers of a beaded necklace, as well as charming dangling earrings. To wear this, pair it up with something just as classy, like the Elsa Wrap Dress ($91.95) and strappy, black heels. Let the gold do all the shining! After all, a little sparkle can’t hurt anybody.

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7. Earrings: The Classic Chandelier 

With a little touch of bohemian chic here and there, you can easily add a twist to your own Autumn style. These Red Stone Chandelier Earrings ($7.95) have a certain flair on its own so you can get dressed up without all the fuss. Pair it up with some plain and simple, like the “Never Forget Your Mask” Turtleneck Tunic Dress in Black ($50.95). Going neutral and minimalist with pops of color here and there is a great way to balance your outfit.

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8. Bracelet: The Chic Bangles


Fresh, ultra chic, and dynamic, the Silver Circle Bangle Bracelet Duo ($10.95) comes in twos, to serve similar yet distinct styles. The solid silver bangle is fashion-forward and direct. Meanwhile the bangle with mint accents brings a little more fun in your style. Wear this with the Brenna Dress ($67.95) to your next dinner meeting. You’ll be sure to be dressed as you impress.

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9. Eyewear: The Clear Frames


It doesn’t really matter if you have perfect vision or not. Humor that eyesight of yours! These super Vintage Square Glasses ($11.95) will surely add personality to your everyday look with one simple touch. And what makes it cute is not just its shape but its clear, minimalist frames. A few lovely options to go with these glasses are the Ditsy Floral Baby Doll Dress ($56.95) and some light brown brogues. Sport this youthful, comfy look during the day at the park or a stroll down to your favorite cafe.

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10. Earrings: The Groovy Hoops


For the fall season, it’s all about confidence, flair, and style. And there’s no better time to glam up than a ladies’ night out with your best gals! These Small Round Click-it Hoops ($5.95) could make for the most stunning party outfit while paired with the Sofia Dress ($75.95) and thigh-high boots. An all-around classic, it brightens up your whole aura from day up to night.

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11. Watch: The Drop Dead Watch


For some of us, we can’t get out of the house without a little bit of bling. Or rather, we feel “incomplete” without accessories! If there’s one thing you shouldn’t leave your house without, it would be a watch. This Multi Bead Drop Wire Earring ($30.95) would be the perfect way to accessorize a plain white top, like the Eyelet Knit Pintuck Popover ($32.95). It’s a casual and feminine low-effort accessory that adds a bit more life even to the plain t-shirt and denim jeans combo. Easy!

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12. Bracelet: The Fancy Bling 


There are days when you just want to be a little bit fancier. Perhaps, you can simply add a little sparkle, and you’re good to go. This Fancy Gem Inlay Gold Bangle Bracelet ($10.95) is the perfect accessory to do just that, without going over the top. For the next formal event marked in your calendar, wear this bangle with the Embroidered Floral Maxi Dress ($56.95) and keep your beauty look simple. With the amount of glow and sparkle you’ve got on you, you’ll be the star of the evening.

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13. Shoes: The Daily Booties


What’s the Autumn season without your trusty pair of chic booties? Comfy and chic at the same time, the Impo Naidy Ankle Bootie ($69.95) in a stretch knit fabric can go with almost all your outfits for the season. A classic, go-to pair of black booties is a must-have in your shoe rack. Simply pair it up with the Open Front Cardigan Jacket ($54.95) for a neat and sleek all-black combo. The sexiness of adding height to your whole look is a fashion statement in itself!

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14. Bag: The Multi-purpose Wallet Bag


A must-have, this no-brainer Multi Use Wallet/Bag ($28.95) can fit your essentials: Cards, cash, IDs, cell phone, yet still have some room even your go-to lipstick. Ideal for traveling, you can also use this for relaxed shopping days or trips to pamper yourself in the salon. Whether you’re strolling the park or the mall, wear it with something laid-back, like the white Tamara Dress ($75.95). This versatile piece can be used as a handbag or a sling bag.

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The Final Words

Accessories come from a whole different subgroup that falls under fashion and style, and it also offers another kind of excitement. The great thing with statement pieces is that they set you apart from the others, make you stand out, show your personality, and they allow you to define and refine your taste through time. The Fall season delivers all of that through runway shows, magazines, social media, and retail shops. It’s no wonder some women make space in their wardrobes just for accessories!

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