Spotted in Dressbarn: Stylish Picks for Every Occasion

Spotted in Dressbarn: Stylish Picks for Every Occasion

Spotted in Dressbarn: Stylish Picks for Every Occasion - Dressbarn

Spotted in Dressbarn: Stylish Picks for Every Occasion 

We could find ourselves situated in almost any kind of social (or digitized social) affair. We can host an intimate dinner at home with close friends one Thursday evening, and then join the girls’ catch-up time (champagne required) over Zoom the next Saturday. With a wide range of possible invitations to come, how can one truly be prepared, fashion-wise? Perhaps the answer is as simple as investing in stylish pieces that are made to be comfortable, easily worn, and ultra chic.

From digital work conferences to the most intimate times we spend with our family and friends, there are always a right way to look presentable, elegant, and stylish. Here are the stylish picks, tips and tricks, and the Dressbarn women who have shown us exactly how to dress for any occasion. 

Effortlessly Comfortable and Chic


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If there’s anything we’ve learned, statement pieces not only speak for themselves but can instantly elevate your entire look. Numbers such as a plush leopard puffer jacket even give you a more exciting take on the neutral choice, making it a go-to layer piece to drape over your shoulders when you pair it with a black jumpsuit and classy, red pumps.

Invest in Versatile Loungewear Pieces

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When it comes to marrying versatility and fashion, we’re talking about investing in pieces that you can use multiple times for many different settings. We love a good hoodie jacket that’s light enough for a morning jog, a trip to the grocery, or for lounging at home after a yoga session. You can even pick out a loungewear set that you can wear with sneakers or, surprisingly, a pair of stilettos. And, here’s a style tip: Get these pieces in bright colors such as pink and yellow to add intensity to your capsule wardrobe.

Dress to Impress

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Who are we kidding? You don’t need an occasion to wear a beautiful dress. After all, every woman should have this classic piece in different styles, cuts, and lengths. Be it a babydoll dress, a slip dress, or a maxi number, they’re all easy to throw on and style throughout the day with accessories, jackets, and shoes such as sneakers and sandals. They come in different colors and prints, too, so finding your unique preference may be a walk in the park. 

Laidback for Slow Weekends

Shop the Sherpa Boned Faux Leather Coat ($49.99)

Coming up with stylish, laidback weekend outfits gives you that break from office looks and Zoom meeting ensembles. To add to that, easy and relaxed days are made for downtime, me-time, self-care, and lots of fun in between. Introduce this fun routine in your week with mixing and matching cute sweaters or a sassy jacket with a basic cami and a flattering pair of pants or denim jeans.

Stylish every day, in every way

Gathering unique style tricks never seems to end. There are multiple different ways to be stylish at your disposal, and this is what makes fashion fun for many different occasions. This is simply one of the reasons why we believe that the ever-evolving world of fashion opens doors and brings more joy into your otherwise plain daily routine. Make it an adventure each time and you’ll one day look back on the sartorial journey you’ve proudly taken on.


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