15 Fashion Pieces for your Maternity Wardrobe – Dressbarn

15 Fashion Pieces for your Maternity Wardrobe

15 Fashion Pieces for your Maternity Wardrobe - Dressbarn

The 15 Fashion Pieces for your Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

What is Maternity fashion?

As always, we believe that there are no rules when it comes to fashion and style. It’s all about experimenting first, then balancing what you find to be your personal preferences with what makes you comfortable. This goes for fashion statements made by different women worldwide, no matter their age, color, or occupation. The sentiment is the same, even for expecting moms who are in the search for the best maternity clothes.

As each pregnancy may differ from woman to woman, it should be your top priority to discover what truly suits you.  If you’re not a fan of, let’s say, the standard pair of leggings, switch up your choices! No matter what they say, always find your own way. Your style will be your own definition of maternity fashion. This way, the experience will be even more personal to you at every occasion.

To boot, we’re here with this post to guide you on finding maternity clothes online. We want to show you that there are so many different fashionable ways to carry your pregnancy in style. We’ve rounded up these 15 pieces across different brands to make up your maternity capsule wardrobe, for inspiration and shopping purposes. Yes, we’re giving you a hassle-free opportunity to access affordable fall maternity dresses and clothes that you can rotate, for either slow days or glamorous moments.

1. First Trimester: The Grand Announcement


There is nothing more exciting than the very first announcement. In the time of social distancing, pregnancy announcements are done virtually. So, gather your far-flung friends and family around in a Zoom meeting, and sport this outfit as you tell them the big news! Even through social media, these special moments will be unforgettable.

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2. First Trimester: The Bodycon Top


There isn’t a cuter way to show off the first and subtle signs of a baby bump than with a fitting sweater. Suitable for cooler weather, lounge in this piece during a potluck dinner, or home movie night with your best pals. Better yet, simply snuggle on the couch with your special one as you warm up by the fireplace. Yes, celebrate the small things!

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3. First Trimester: The Wrap Dress


Who doesn’t love a wrap dress? Universally flattering, this would be such an excellent stylish maternity piece to invest early in your pregnancy because it’s easy to adjust according to your growing bump. If possible, you can even stretch this up throughout all your terms. It’s hassle-free, easy to wear, and affordable! What a good deal!

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4. Second Trimester: The Off-Shoulder Dress


Ideal for the first big outing of your pregnancy! Show off your growing bump in the next social gathering with this floral off-shoulder dress. Wear it to a garden party, or a fun brunch with your best girls. Flattering from top to bottom, you’ll easily have that pregnancy glow as you wear this dress.

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5. Second Trimester: The Bodycon Dress


If there should be an everyday dress during your pregnancy, this would be it. Made with light and stretchable fabric, this snug dress will hug your curves and allow you to move comfortably throughout your day. Snatch the piece in different colors for a fuss-free look, and simply pair it up with white sneakers! It doesn’t get easier than this.

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6. Second Trimester: The Relaxed Sweater


Cozy and flowy, this shirt dress is perfect for days you’re running (or walking) some errands. It’s carefree enough for doctor’s appointments, a bit of shopping, and quick grocery runs. Make sure to pair it with comfy leggings or jeans, and sneakers for added comfort. This relaxed sweater will be your next best friend.

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7. Second Trimester: The Waist Tie Dress


When it comes to the second trimester, it’s all about getting more and more comfortable in your evolving body. As you are now eating for two (or more!), you also have to be able to move in the right clothes. We picked this dress out so you can do all of that, yet still look fun and stylish at the same time.

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8. Third Trimester: The Empire Waistline


When you’re carrying a baby inside of you, it’s important that you make lots of room. This is why an empire waistline is a must for all moms-to-be. This pleated empire waist maternity top is an effortless way to achieve that chic “expecting” look. With the added pleated details, you won’t only be extra comfortable, you’ll be making a fashion statement too.

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9. Third Trimester: The Essential Skirt


An ultra soft fold-over skirt would be a dream come true for all moms-to-be. Silk-like, it feels as if you’re pampering yourself every time you wear it. Thus, it must be included in your essentials! Every now and then, experiment with this piece and maybe try it as a strapless dress. Have all the fun as you style yourself day-to-day.

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10. Third Trimester: The Baby Shower


This ultra feminine maternity dress in spandex material features a flattering v-neckline with a belt tie. A total steal, the garment itself will adjust to your body’s needs. It’s perfect to add to your glow - a “pretty in pink” moment that’s ideal for your baby shower by the garden. Pair it up with some slides and accessorize with simple dangling earrings. 

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11. Third Trimester: The Due Date


Is it finally time? Or is it just a false alarm? It doesn’t matter, because this super comfy hoodie that’s not only easy on your tummy, but it will help calm your nerves too. When it’s time to run to the hospital, you ought to wear this piece. Easy to wear on and take off, this top is an investment piece as it also serves as a nursing top for your postpartum needs.

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12. Postpartum: The Nursing Shirt


Postpartum, but make it fashionable! This easy maternity nursing top with petal-like layering is a hassle-free way to get going throughout the day. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, breastfeeding could never be more comfortable! This flowy piece is versatile and designed to fit you from bump to baby, up to and beyond your postpartum stage.

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13. Postpartum: Mama and Baby’s First Day Out


For Mama Bear and Baby Bear’s “first day out”, wear this on your special pictorial together. Dress up that sweet little baby of yours in an infant’s bear suit, and pose for that first family portrait. It would be the perfect greeting card to send out to your loved ones. Wouldn’t that be such a cute idea?

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14. Postpartum: The Subtle Statement


Minimalistic and cool, this slim-fit scoop neck t-shirt is an adorable go-to that you can repeat over and over. Wear it out on about, and pair it with some “mom jeans” and sneakers or leather mules. Tie your hair up and wear a bold lip for an extra glam. This way, the glow could never leave you. Effortless and stylish, yet it’s as if you barely tried at all. 

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15. Postpartum: The Full-on Lounge Sweatpants


You’re a hard-working, new mom! And yes, you deserve to lounge in those comfy sweatpants and allow your body to fully recover post-labor. Tip: Buy these early on. You’ll never really know when you’ll need it, so it would be good to stock up on them. Every woman should have their own cute sweatpants in their closet.

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Pregnancy is a whole other journey

No doubt, this time is exciting yet scary all at once. For women, the journey of carrying our child writes a totally different story. This time is new and different for most of us, almost like an adventure or a milestone in our lives. As with anything new, our wardrobe becomes a part of it as it evolves according to our needs and wants. But the challenge posed is trying not to be boxed in with outdated “standards” that have been set before. 

As your guide, we always aim to be of help to you. And with this post, we’re here to remind you that there are no exact rules. We’ve rounded up this list to cater not just to your body’s needs for this special time, but to cater to your fashion preferences as well. Explore, search, and you’ll always find the balance of both comfort and style. No matter the conditions of your pregnancy, there is a wide array of varied options that will suit your comfort and your taste. 

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