All The Outfits You’ll Want to Wear for Every Weekend Getaway – Dressbarn

All The Outfits You’ll Want to Wear for Every Weekend Getaway

All The Outfits You’ll Want to Wear for Every Weekend Getaway - Dressbarn

The City Guide: All The Outfits You’ll Want to Wear for Every Weekend Getaway

Everyone needs a little downtime now and then. Sometimes, to rest and recuperate don’t simply mean long spa days, reading a book at home, or sleeping in. This time, we’re talking about going on long drives, reaching beautiful destinations, and visiting the most memorable vacation spots. Inside the long tunnel of work deadlines, stressful projects, zoom meetings, and a slight sense of feeling burnt out are the scenic views you’ll chance upon when you’re out of town. 

For what we’d like to call this as a “travel guide”, we’ll take you from city to city, or simply a tour of what your luggage may carry for your upcoming weekend getaways. We’re about to take you through five different towns and showcase the different outfits you should pack with you, depending on the place and your supposed itinerary. And in case you needed a reminder to take a break, this should be it. Vacation mode? Oh, it’s definitely on.

Palm Springs, California

Welcome to our first stop: Palm Springs, California. When we talk of Palm Springs, we’re talking about fun colors, bright days, and an overall cheerful vibe. Situated in a desert city, what you’ll find here are hot springs, stylish hotels, wide golf courses, and spas to unwind in. It’s also known to showcase mid-century-modern architecture and is a hot spot for fine vintage boutiques and interior design shops. 

Now, for your luggage, we’ve got you shirt dresses for day to night activities, poolside accessories, jumpsuits, and fashion pieces that are light and easy to pair with denim staples. Last but not the least: Panama hats. Yes, Panama hats are a must.  For an easy-going city, you should go for laidback yet stylish outfits that will allow you to enjoy all that time spent under the sun.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Next, we’re jumping to New Orleans, Louisiana. As one of the most distinctive cultural centers in North America, it has a lot to offer when it comes to food, attractions, parades, street parties, live-music scene, and round-the-clock nightlife. It is also a melting pot of French, African, and American cultures derived from its history. With all these in mind, you’ll sure be in for a treat.

In the place they call the "Big Easy," your luggage should carry mostly comfortable pieces that also showcase colorful and exciting prints. We’ll help you pack different styles, such as ripped jeans, rompers, and flirty dresses that will allow you to blend in the lively energy of the place and its people. Now you can strut your style as you walk along Bourbon Street, as well as soak up all the fun New Orleans can offer to you.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

No doubt, it’s always an adventure whenever you hit the road and land in Las Vegas. Tourists worldwide come here to have fun, play big and win big in casinos, enjoy popular attractions like the High Roller, and simply be entertained. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy a relaxing day at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and The Park. It has also become a popular spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Whatever and whenever, Las Vegas will surely leave an impression before you go.

For such a notoriously fun destination, we see your luggage consisting of sexy and funky fashion pieces. We’re talking about sexy silhouettes, cut-outs, high slits, high heels, and a bit of sparkle here and there. We’ve rounded up choices that will get you party-ready even with minimal effort, and they can be staples for on and off the dancefloor as well. Now, how’s that for fashion and function? Perhaps what happens in Vegas, shouldn’t always stay in Vegas.

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

If you’re in the mood to discover the nostalgic adventures of the wild, wild, west, you’re ought to make a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This valley is famous for its top-rated attractions, such as the National Museum of Wildlife Art, the Jackson Hole Rodeo, the Jackson Town Square, among many others. And during the Winter season, you can even go skiing in the famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village. There’s so much to be engrossed in that it’s no wonder tourists from all over the world flock this place all year round. 

For such a rich and culturally-preserved destination, be sure to wear casual, comfortable, and feminine outfits to look good as you take long walks during sight-seeing. To go out and about, we mean pieces such as dresses, skirts, and blouses that could go well with boots and sneakers. For feminine touches, we recommend embroidery details, lace material, floral prints, and soft colors. As you go sightseeing, look glamorous against landscapes in these outfits.

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Miami, Florida

For this city guide’s last travel destination, we’re taking you to the heart of South Florida: Miami. A premier vacation destination, this beautiful city is known for its surf-friendly beaches, great weather, rich history, Cuban-influenced culture, sports, and all-around entertainment. You’ll even meet many native Spanish speakers who make Miami the de facto capital of Latin America. This adds great flavor and spice to its everyday life - from food, fashion, architecture, to pop culture, as well as art.

Be prepared for the heat of the beach with casual and sexy pieces that will bring forward your personal style. For this trip, we’ve prepared your luggage with Miami’s bold fashion culture. Make sure to bring kaftans, as they are suitable for every tropical vacation. Pack cute swimsuits that can be doubled as a tank top or  bodysuit. Don’t forget body-hugging items that allow you to show  your figure. And make sure you’ve got flowy dresses, as well as pieces that have quirky details such as ruffles, deep v-necklines.

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Vacation mode: On

What we all love about vacations are the beautiful sceneries, exciting food, meeting locals in every city, as well as new experiences. But if you ask us, the greatest thing about traveling and taking vacations is the time we can spend being carefree and being ourselves. These are the precious times that shouldn’t be taken for granted, so pack up and make that trip happen.

Whether you’re going on a solo trip, an all girls’ trip, or a family trip, be sure to keep the stress at bay and just enjoy this memorable time. Aside from turning off your phone alerts (and not checking your emails), another way to do this is to pack the fashion pieces you know you’ll feel great in. Keep it all hassle-free by feeling and looking great. Now, you’ll gain some confidence without all the worrying. It’s that simple!

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