The Denim Edit: On Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans


The Denim Edit: On Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

No matter how worn out they are, denim jeans never go out of style. We may have a pair or two that we don’t get tired of wearing. It doesn’t really matter if these jeans have been into all kinds of events there are. From casual get-togethers to Fridays at work, being clad in these ultra cozy bottoms is always a good idea. So, why not invest in new jeans to upgrade our day-to-day looks?

For some, buying denim jeans is tedious as it requires time and effort to search for the perfect pair. With the plethora of styles and sizes available out there, it may be too confusing to choose which ones fit you best. Luckily, we’ve got a vast collection of jeans to add to your denim arsenal. If you’re on the lookout for high-quality pieces, this ultimate guide to finding the perfect pair of jeans is for you. Read on and take notes, so it’s easier for you to shop in the future.

Casual Days

Shop the Westport Signature 5 Pocket Skinny Ankle Jean with Snap Button at Ankle, $46.95

Whether it’s an impromptu run to the grocery store or a brunch date with your significant other, skinny jeans are your safest bet. Aside from showing off your curves, they provide comfort as you accomplish your tasks for the day. Plus, they can be worn with tops like flouncy blouses or plain T-shirts, depending on your mood. What we like about them is their adaptability to any footwear you may think of. Flats, heels, boots, and sneakers – these go well with skinny jeans.

Check these out:

Shop the Westport Incrediflex Denim Fit Solution 5 Pocket Skinny Jean, $48.95

Shop the Tie Dye Light Blue Skinny Fit Denim Pants - Plus, $77.95

Shop the Paint Effect Blue Denim - Plus, $77.95

Business As Usual

Shop the Plus Westport Signature Bootcut Denim Jean, $51.95

Your office looks don’t always have to look so formal. Sometimes, a combination of chic and elegant pieces can do the trick. In case you’re wondering how, it’s as simple as mixing your blouses with jeans to bootcut bottoms. They help in elongating your legs, too. Pull out a nice front button top from your office wardrobe and tuck it in a pair of bootcut jeans. Complete your ensemble with stilettos to exude that lady boss vibes effortlessly. A classic bag and a few accessories should make you look like you’re about to close a business deal.

Check this out:

Shop the Westport Signature 5 Pocket Bootcut Jean, $46.95

Weekend Playdates

Shop the Westport Signature Girlfriend/Boyfriend 5 Pocket Jean with Double Rolled Cuff, $46.95

Your weekend activities could include a park date with the kids?  Since they usually involve lots of running, you should opt for something super comfy. Denim jeans with straight or slim cuts offer you that much-needed support when you’re out and about. Sure, they’re flattering, but they’re also flexible as they can be styled with simple shirts and sandals. Even with slip-ons or sneakers, you can look your best while keeping in mind the fun things you want to do with your little ones.

Check these out:

Shop the Westport Signature 5 Pocket Girlfriend Jean with Selvedge Cuff, $46.95

Shop the Westport Signature 5 Pocket Girlfriend Jean with Selvedge Cuff - Plus, $51.95

Shop the Westport Signature 5 Pocket Skinny Ankle Jean with Snap Button - Plus, $51.95

Cropped Style

Shop the Super Stretchy Capri Jeans, $85.85

Capris are perfect for a sunny day out in the city. These pairs provide enough comfort for a full day of running errands without sacrificing style. They pair well with leather loafers, tan flats, or sneakers for a chic yet casual look. 

Check these out: 

Shop the Super Stretchy Capri Denim Jeans, $85.95

Shop the Slimming Capri Jeans, $85.95

Shop the Super Stretchy Slimming Jeans, $85.95

Shop the Super Stretchy Denim Jeans, $85.56

True Elegance

Shop the Denim Kira Short Sleeved Jumpsuit, $175.95

If you’d like to try a new take on the denim trend, slipping into a jumpsuit of the same fabric is the way to go. It’s a figure-flattering ensemble that’s convenient as it comes in a one-piece number. Whether you wear it with your most prized jewels or your sky-high heels, a denim jumpsuit will bring you to style icon status. Top with shiny sunglasses and a much-coveted bag in hand, you’ll surely turn heads as you walk past them.

Check this out:

Shop the Denim Kira Short Sleeved Jumpsuit, $176.95

The Perfect Pair

How and where you’re planning to wear denim, they constitute an instant outfit in our books - dress up or down! Think about your preferences – from the color to the cut – and see how you can wear them with your other clothes. Remember, they are an investment piece, so they can last for years to come when taken care of. They’re an example of sustainable fashion because you can wear them over and over again. After all, denim jeans are here to stay forever.

What are you waiting for? Shop our denim collection - psst... it has just been restocked! Our denim jeans are available in various colors, types, and sizes for everyone to create different looks with. Have your accessories ready because we’re positive that you won’t run out of outfit ideas with our bevy of denim jeans here at Dressbarn. Have fun shopping!

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