The List: Fabulous Tops That Can Take You From the Work Desk to Tropic – Dressbarn

The List: Fabulous Tops That Can Take You From the Work Desk to Tropical Getaways

The List: Fabulous Tops That Can Take You From the Work Desk to Tropical Getaways - Dressbarn

Quarantine periods aren’t over, and many people are still adjusting to working from home, where it’s safe and comfortable. However, WFH can become more repetitive than our previous day-by-day. We start to miss those times where we get to dress up, show off our new outfits, and be able to strut down the street wearing something that makes us feel confident.

Even if you’re at home, this should never stop you from wanting to put on fabulous clothing from brands you love, as well as from brands you want to explore. It’s more than okay to dress up every once in a while. You can still look your best in front of a webcam to your co-workers while having fun choosing your day-to-day outfits! Just as if you are having your own mini fashion show.

At the same time, enjoy the weather and sunny season as you dress for the season while looking your best at home with these Dressbarn tops that will make your WFH outfits feel like a tropical getaway.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are sunshine, spring, and nature that you can bring with you everywhere. They are forever blooming flowers that you wear, with bright and ecstatic colors that light up the room. As you’re working from home, the aim is to feel comfortable in your clothing while you’re gearing for the tasks and responsibilities ahead. These choices are soft to the touch while personifying the season, giving you the feeling that it will be a great day throughout.

Shop the Floral Placed Print Bubble Hem Blouse, $34.95

Shop the Veronica Blurred Floral Print Peasant Dress, $52.95

Shop the V Neck Floral Smocked Shoulder Blouse, $36.95

Shop the Roz & Ali Bijoux Blue Floral Jacquard Popover, $29.95

Pops of Color

Wearing color is like wearing life on pieces of fabric. They emphasize energy, brightness, and fun. These blazing and hypnotic tops are great for lounging around at home as you feel the cold touch of wind on your arms and face. Notice the fine cuts of the sleeves to the stitches and patterns of the clothing. The unique details are to be desired by any wearer and a great addition to your closet.

Shop the Roz & Ali Floral Border Cold Shoulder Bubble Hem Blouse, $34.95

Shop the Westport Crochet Trim Flutter Sleeve Knit Top, $34.95

Shop the Smocked Neck Short Flutter Sleeve Top, $39.95

Shop the Tie Front Stripe Lined Blouse, $29.95


If color isn’t your style, then that’s perfectly fine! We offer a choice of neutral tops that will go with your aesthetic and address the need for comfortability. Try the soft and easy-to-breathe Isaac Mizrahi top to the gorgeous drop from the Gigi Parker pick. Neutral colors vibe with the ease of the weather and great to show off a more formal and mature side during those zoom meetings.

Shop the Isaac Mizrahi Puff Sleeve Cotton Pullover Top, $58.95

Shop the Sleeveless Lace Trim Crew Neck, $29.95

Shop the H Halston Studio Hi-Lo Scoop Neck Pullover, $48.95

Shop the Gigi Parker Handkerchief Hem Top, $79.95

Everyday Staples

Whether you’re working from home or just lounging around during your holidays and weekends, these beautiful and simple tops are everyday wears that you can quickly get your hands on. The soft and light fabrics of the tees are great for your daily chores or fun activities, while the cardigan is great for a comfy, cool breeze with a book in hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

Shop the Celeste Knit Top, $89.95

Shop the Westport Cocoon Cardigan Sweater, $34.99

Shop the Westport V Neck Rayon Crinkle Blouse, $35.95

Shop the White Textured Button Front Shirt, $32.95

Day to Night Options

These tops are almost as great as snuggling by a cozy blanket. These beautiful options are great for both the bustle of the day and the quiet downtime of the night. Whether it’s watching late-night movies after a long day’s work at your desk, each top has no timeframe or special hours.

Staying at home and exploring different hobbies and activities are paired wonderfully with these tops that are easy to move around in during any time of the day.

Shop the Westport Patchwork Wrap Blouse, $34.99

Shop the Roz & Ali Animal Pintuck Popover, $32.95

Shop the Petite Crochet Trim Bubble Hem Blouse, $36.95

Shop the Sleeveless Draped Scarf V-Neck Top, $39.95

When you want to show a little skin

When you got it, flaunt it. We have pieces that accentuate your figure to make you feel more confident in your skin while dressing to impress. The heat of the weather and the season make these tops functional choices. They are made to be for a relaxing day of work by your desk or throughout your daily activities.

From off-shoulders to sleeveless tops, be proud of yourself and show them off in fashion while loving how it makes you feel.

Shop the Gigi Parker Off Shoulder Polyester Top, $79.95

Shop the Sharkbite Print Strappy Top, $28.95

Shop the Off-Shoulder Short Sleeve Top, $23.95

Shop the H Halston Flounce Sleeveless Blouse, $78.00

The details that elevate the look

Fashion is art, and the designers are the artists! The details of these choices are intricate and outstanding, as they are thoughtful and delicate in their process. Wearing tops of fine stitches, design, and pattern is like wearing art atop your skin. They are worn with pride and confidence, facing any online meeting with style.

Shop the H Halston Flounce Sleeveless Blouse, $78.00

Shop the Tie Dye Mix Media Print Top, $36.95

Shop the Floral Cold Shoulder Poncho, $36.95

Shop the White Embroidered Textured Button Front Shirt, $43.95

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