8 Chic Ways to Wear Knits For the Last Days of Winter – Dressbarn

8 Chic Ways to Wear Knits For the Last Days of Winter

8 Chic Ways to Wear Knits For the Last Days of Winter - Dressbarn

8 Chic Ways to Wear Knits For the Last Days of Winter

Knitwear has been the cornerstone of every wardrobe throughout the new normal. With all the time we spend indoors, it’s understandable to want to be in a permanent state of cozy no matter the agenda. And deservedly so, as knitwear didn’t always get the love it merited (at least not this much!). More than just being warm hugs in the form of clothing, it’s a versatile, trans-seasonal essential that allows for infinite wear with its timelessness and durability. 

Come fall and winter—sometimes even in warmer months—knitwear pops up to become the micro trend all fashion insiders are rocking. At this point, it’s safe to say it’s a perennial staple to the sartorial world. And whatever style direction you gravitate towards, there’s guaranteed to be a perfect piece for you. In honor of winter’s last hurrah, here are 8 ways for you to continue embracing sweater weather. 

Use It as a Mood Brightener 

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It’s no secret that clothes can uplift your mood in a snap. With how winter tends to make us feel listless, use your cozy staples as an elevator via pops of color. Forget about a monochrome palette for now; try pastels, jewel tones, or meet in the middle with warm hues like coral. We love a high-neck silhouette that boasts characteristic stitches like a split hem. It makes for a smooth French tuck under your favorite trousers—denim or tailored. 

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Freshen Up With a Winter White

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Who says you can’t take knitwear to the summer? There’s plenty of transitional pieces that can be your cozy companions for in-between weather. It’s also a known fact that white keeps you cooler. With that in mind, choose light, breathable fabrics that allow for maximum movability. A crochet open front duster is a great choice that leaves a lot of room for styling and adds a flounce to your movement. Or perhaps a delicate, detailed cardigan that decorates virtually any pair of bottoms well.

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Choose Lightweight Pieces When Going Dark

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Winter is certainly the season for monochrome. Basic silhouettes are the best picks to utilize these classic colors, such as an everyday cardigan or a curved hem with cable details. They’re easy to throw on and add a functional layer for when you feel like you need to spruce up your outfits further. On the printed side, you can never go wrong with stripes. Pick a relaxed, breezy fit that would stand out even under a leather or denim jacket. 

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Polish With Tonal Colors

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Will we ever stop raving about tonal dressing? It’s a time-saving styling technique that bridges the gap between effortless and effortful. As in, a polished look despite looking laid-back. It’s not complicated to do at all. Combine complementary shades and incorporate textures to add an interesting touch. You can even choose to do two-tone as well by matching the main piece with a secondary element. For instance, try a ribbed pullover under a trench coat in shades of brown and wear it with black wide-leg trousers and black high shine leather boots. This creates a luxurious and elegant appearance that doesn’t require overthinking. 

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Embody the Essence of Cozy Chic

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We’ve taken advantage of jeans far too often last year, and we’re certain we won’t be giving it up anytime soon. That’s why we’re taking cues from uniform dressing. Consider creating a combo that goes well with your favorite denim on days when you feel like you have nothing to wear. You can watch your sartorial dilemma stress fly out the window as you have fail-safes to simply throw on the go. Cardigans will make life so much easier, whether it be for Zoom meetings or relaxing weekends. Make sure to pick one that’s textured and detailed to utilize the cozy-chic approach with your best sandals in tow. 

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A Cold Shoulder Will Be Your Transitional Fave

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Our favorite micro trend fusion has to be cold shoulder cuts with knitwear. Not only is it equal parts stylish and comfortable, it’s also an essential for transitional dressing when the weather gets erratic. We love subtle prints for this one and bicolor designs that make for a complementary palette. Go for something modern like a varsity-inspired black and white piece with stitch details. It’s going to make you want to show it off and act as the highlight to an all-black fit. 


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Get Acquainted With Grey

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Ultimate Grey is one of the two chosen colors for 2021. While some of us may not be so in tune with it, now is the time to flaunt your chops for neutral dressing by wearing it with different styling techniques. You don’t have to stick to mid-tone greys either. Remember the tips for tonal dressing and mix shades like slate, pewter, and even charcoal for a darker yet less intense approach to black. For the athleisure enthusiasts, you can elevate a sweatsuit with a white or black trench that will beautifully accentuate the set. Finish with chunky sneakers, and you’ve got a clean sportswear look that’s worthy of a street style snap. 

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Embellish With Prints

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What’s a good knitwear assemblage without a dash of fun patterns? Now that we’re about to meet spring, it’s important to expand your selections from more than just safe colors. If you’re not the keenest on prints, go for timeless polka dots or tartan. Still don’t feel like it? Color blocking might convince you, especially tonal ones that are subtly arranged to be contrast trims more than loud, in-your-face designs. 

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Diversify Your Wardrobe

Adding variety to your selections doesn’t mean you need to quickly grab bold prints that will likely just sit in your closet after two wears. It’s important to keep your sartorial proclivities in mind when shopping for new pieces. Do you gravitate towards classics? Checks and jewel tones would be excellent buys. Want to explore whimsy spring trends? Tie-dye and painterly palettes might be up your alley. Stepping up your style is more about exploring beyond what you’re accustomed to, but ultimately still walking that line of wearability that feels like you. A little change goes a long way and it’s sure to last even after the season ends.

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