White And Bright: The Looks We Love For A Perfect Summer Style – Dressbarn

White And Bright: The Looks We Love For A Perfect Summer Style

White And Bright: The Looks We Love For A Perfect Summer Style - Dressbarn

White And Bright: The Looks We Love For A Perfect Summer Style

The sun is out, and the summer heatwaves are here to stay! After months of being glued to the stay-at-home fad, are you ready to re-emerge and look forward to your outdoor plans? With some of our chic summer outfit ideas ready, you'll be set to be stylish wherever you go.

Fashion plays a big part in your overall summer vibe. It’s also the ideal period to showcase your boldest and brightest clothes, dive into new trends, and make a statement with your ensemble. 

Here are some stylish pieces we rounded up to inspire and freshen up your seasonal wardrobe.

White Dresses for Casual Occasions

Finding ways to get dressed easier in the warm weather? Nothing screams summer louder than wearing a refreshing white dress. Styling your wardrobe with summer's most versatile shade gets you perfectly in a vibrant and carefree mood. This elegant color is timeless and never fails to give you the posh look. With minimal effort, these pieces can make you pull off the chic and charming vibe. 

Our Top Picks:

Our Favorite Tops

Stand out with effortless style all season long! The simple yet chic style of these tops keeps you feeling fresh and also looking classy. If you’re looking for a blouse that’s not only excellent for summer but is also an instant solution for any casual occasion, these charming tops won’t disappoint. Style these pieces with a pair of tailored shorts, your trusted jeans, or a feminine skirt, and you’re good to go.

Our Top Picks:

Bare Some Skin in an Elegant Way

Summer fashion is all about the elegant reveal! From cut-outs to off-shoulders, get more adventurous and kick off your summer with pieces that show the right amount of skin. Opting for sleeveless pieces is a great way to stay cool in the summer months. And without being too revealing, these stylish items will make you look every inch sophisticated.

Our Top Picks:

Match Up With Neutral Accessories

All packed for a summer getaway and ready to take this season fashionably? Add more life and style to your wardrobe with these cute and cool summer-ready finishing items. Your accessory is a wardrobe essential that plays an important role in fashion and sun protection. Take your whole look to the next level and shop for these fashionable finishing touches that pair well with your white and colorful warm weather get-ups.

Our Top Picks:

More Summer Outfit Options

Summer is all about experimenting with different cuts, shapes, trends, colors, and fabric types. Find new ways to don various silhouettes throughout the season by having a  balanced combination of classic style and fun trends. Feel free to wear your most colorful items during the warmest season of the year. Explore this selection of outfits that can add a major dose of fun to your overall summer look. Depending on how you mix, match, and accessorize, these stunners can be effortlessly worn anytime and anywhere.

Our Top Picks:

Best Summer Soles

With summer solstice here, get your feet relaxed and ready for warmer grounds. What better way to enjoy a tropical destination, lounging by the beach, or exploring the outdoors but with a great pair of breathable shoes? Give your feet a breather with these stylish summer footwear. Matching well with white and bright outfit pieces, these shoes are comfortable for you to walk in all day. 

Our Top Picks:

Mini, Midi, and Maxi Dresses

Getting your entire wardrobe ready for the warmer season means embracing loose and flowy apparel. And when it comes to dresses, the options are endless! Dresses, practical garments as they are, come in various styles, lengths, sleeves, waists, and hems. They are basically the hidden gems of summer! We have curated some dresses you can add as your closet must-haves,  perfect for work, going out or intimate socials.

Our Top Picks:

Channel Your Inner Bohemian Spirit

Boho fashion is one of the trendiest summer outfit styles. What makes it unique is the sweet, easy, and edgy vibe it brings. Achieving the bohemian aesthetic doesn’t require much effort, for the right dress may be all that you simply need. Apart from the creativity the boho style carries out, there’s always something refreshing about wearing white in summer. Whether you're going to an outdoor event or having a simple indoor get-together with friends, these boho-inspired dresses will make you look more bold and lively. Best to embellish lots of accessories to complete the overall look. 

Our Top Picks:

Nail The Summer Look You Love

Always start with the essentials when creating a new seasonal wardrobe. Go for items that are versatile and timeless. Wearing a shade of white and bright pieces captures the season’s essence of positivity and vibrance - and that’s all you need for your most stylish summer ever! 

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