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Your Foolproof Guide to Styling

Your Foolproof Guide to Styling - Dressbarn

Your Foolproof Guide to Styling the 90s Bermuda Shorts and Capri Pants

The 90s bermuda shorts and capri pants are back in style! Yes, you read that right. These 90s iconic fashion pieces are making a comeback in 2020. 

You’ve heard of capris and bermudas - we either love experimenting with them or try to avoid them as much as we can. This is not surprising, given that these pieces have an awkward length that makes them pretty tricky to style. However, rocking them is not impossible, either. 

And in case you have been living under a rock or have been in social isolation for too long, you most probably have seen fashion icons and celebrities like Gigi and Bella Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Gwyneth Paltrow styling them the modern way. Capri pants have even managed to make an appearance on various designer runways this year, such as Gucci and Paco Robanne. 

Whether you want to hop in on the trend or see if 2020 can make bermudas and capris work, we’re here to show you styling options. So, we’ve looked into the best ways to bring the 90s to 2020, so you don’t have to. 

You now can bring out your inner fashionista while donning your bermuda shorts and capri pants - that you either kept as memorabilia from two decades back or just recently bought. Without further ado, here are the 9 easy-to-follow styling tricks for these 90s icons.

1. Start with the basics

We’ve all heard of the saying less is more, and it is indeed right for your 90s bermuda shorts and capris. Perhaps the safest, most natural way of wearing them is by pairing them with some basic tees or sweaters.

Try matching a pair of ripped denim capri pants with a white front knit tee or black v-neck shirt. Polish it off with a sling bag and pair of platform sneakers, and your minimalist outfit is ready for some snapshots. 

2. Style them with a tank top

To recreate the British supermodel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s, look, wear tank tops with your capris and bermudas. It’s all about mixing versatile pieces with trendy ones. Think ribbed and fitted tank tops for a chic, casual look. 

For added style and pizzazz, try this sleeveless front knit top to go with your capris. Going for a glamorous, elegant look? Shop a silky tank top and accessorize it with some jewelry for extra sparkle.

3. Look sporty with your bermuda shorts

Are you into the athleisure style? Consider yourself lucky! The beauty of capri pants is that they’re inherently casual, but still offer a more polished approach to everyday style than yoga pants and sweatpants. 

With bermuda shorts back in form, you can finally break from your yoga pants, sweatpants, and gym shorts for your sporty casual outfit. Bermuda shorts are the perfect piece when you want to rock a sporty look without actually donning activewear. Try putting on a zip hoodie or a hoodie sweater poncho on top of your bermudas. Finish the look with your favorite pair of running shoes, and you’re good to go!

4. Be stylish in blazers and jackets

Blazers and jackets are the epitomes of elegance and confidence that represent the modern working woman. Upgrade your look by pairing your capri pants or bermuda shorts with this open-front cardigan jacket or this striped topper

For a classier look, opt for a white quilted topper. Nothing screams class than an all-white look.

5. Make bold choices

If basics and sporty looks are just too plain and bland for you, don’t be afraid to make daring choices for your capris and bermudas. Try a classy top with loose bell sleeves, or copy Khloe Kardashian’s style by wearing this kimono wrap top over a black lace bralette. 

You may also play with a front-slit long tank to add flow to your look. For a dramatic flair, dress to impress with this low back asymmetrical top for that business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back look. Throw in some high heels to your ensemble and earn major fashion scores as you walk. 

6. Don’t shy away from blouses with prints and patterns 

These items’ simplicity goes well with patterns and printed garments like the delicate floral top above or this tiger-print blouse. Going for a bohemian look? Try a floral knit top with chiffon sleeves or this patchwork pleated blouse.

Then, accessorize with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses or a wide-brim floppy hat to complete that sultry boho vibe.

7. Don’t be afraid to put on layers

Just because bermudas and capris are light and straightforward, does not mean they can’t carry layers. And you know what? When done the right way, denim on denim actually works! 

Layer it up by pairing this long sleeve denim jacket with your favorite white tee and these fashionable ripped bermuda shorts. Or, go for a more subtle layer by trying out a sheer tribal kimono over your spaghetti top and denim capris. You can also try combining those pants with a long vest that falls below your hips with a shorter top to create a balanced look.

8. Go the smart-casual route

For most people, capris might seem too laid back to wear to a professional setting. However, wearing it with the right pieces can make it look smart-casual or even semi-formal. Just a dressy women’s blouse can take these pants from running errands to a work suitable outfit. 

Style your capris by tucking in this comfortable rayon shirt with a touch of gold or this Paisley Solid Trim Woven Popover. You can also apply tip number 4 and put on a blazer over your white button-down if you want a more business-casual appeal.

Wrap up your office-appropriate outfit with flat shoes, loafers, pumps, or closed-toe heels, and be the office fashionista. 

9. Show off your sandals

Going for a stroll at the beach or mall? Run your errands in style and comfort! 

Give your ankles a break from all the heels you’ve been wearing all week by pairing these pieces with flat sandals. If you want to add a bit more height without the pain that high heels bring, try these platform sandals with an ankle strap.

In a nutshell

Without a doubt, bermuda shorts and capri pants can be awkward to style, but there’s nothing to fear. No matter how you wear them, you can count on a pair of capri pants to see you through the season in style. Pairing them with a few wardrobe basics is the best way to stay cool, comfortable, and fashionable all spring long.

Now that we’ve collated various fashion garments and ensembles to upgrade your bermudas’ and capris’ appeal, all you have to do is shop, cop, and make jaws drop.  


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