10 of Your Next Best Loungewear Pieces – Dressbarn

10 of Your Next Best Loungewear Pieces

10 of Your Next Best Loungewear Pieces - Dressbarn

10 of Your Next Best Loungewear Pieces


Gone are the days “staying in” meant wearing only clothing pieces of old pajamas in basic colors of grays, blacks, and whites. No, “comfy” doesn’t always have to be that way! There’s a wide variety of options we can choose from and a lot more ways to amplify our style when it comes to loungewear. People may ask, style or comfort? Well, we’re here to answer both

How about some color? Some prints? And, a few flairs here and there? Just because nobody sees you at home means there’s no need to show up and look good for yourself. We’ve rounded up cool yet casual and comfortable pieces you’ll enjoy wearing indoors. From tops to bottoms, and even pretty nightdresses! Looks are served, head to toe, day to night.


  1. Caribbean Joe Bird of Paradise Sleepwear Robe


We love this Caribbean Joe Bird of Paradise Sleepwear Robe mainly because it feels as if you’re always on vacation every time you put it on. Its chic and subtle style adds character to your usual nights in. Also, picture yourself in this while you lounge in on a bright morning as you prepare a nice breakfast on a random Saturday. That’s a love image that you can make real.

 Click here to shop the Caribbean Joe Bird of Paradise Sleepwear Robe. 

  1. Button Front Sharkbite Cardigan 


If you’re not a fan of anything too heavy or you just want something light and breathable to cover you up, this cardigan might just be for you. Soft, comfortable, and easy. This Textured Cardigan with Crochet Details is a no-brainer for the long days you want to spend relaxing. The best part? You can even get this on every color available. It acts, too, as a perfect finishing touch for when you don’t feel like wearing any accessories but a ring. Sweet!

Click here to shop this Button Front Sharkbite Cardigan.


  1. Hoodie Sweater Poncho


We bet this piece will be one of your favorite staples from the collection. Lounging in or not, who doesn’t want a sweater poncho to make up an entire look? This hoodie is a perfect go-to for just about anything. Its knit material makes it comfortable to wear, and its cut makes it breezy, stylish, and functional. Pair with denim shorts, or denim boyfriend pants to achieve an ultra-casual, easy-going feel.

Click here to shop the Hoodie Sweater Poncho.


  1. Drawstring Knit Pant with Pockets


On days that call for it, we know it’s sometimes impossible to resist those old, yet comfy gray sweatpants. In fact, we encourage every individual to have a comfy pair of their own in every closet. But then again, staying indoors doesn’t have to be a bore. These Drawstring Knit Pants with Pockets is feminine, fashionable, and functional (yay, pockets!). The pink adds a pop of color even indoors and we love that! With these, you can feel great and step outside to greet your neighbors with an uplifted mood.

Click here to shop these colorful Drawstring Knit Pants.


  1. Camouflage Knit Dress 


Every now and then, we’re in the mood to be a little bit more creative. With fashion and clothing, this usually means adding a bit of flair to our everyday style. Don’t be afraid to try on some prints. You can always be a bit bolder but in a fun way. For example, here’s a hassle-free Camouflage Knit Dress, which you can simply pair with a pair of white sneakers. It’s so simple, but it makes a statement.

Click here to shop this piece in regular and plus sizes, too!


  1. Space Dye French Terry Knit Top and Shorts


Options, options, options. A woman can never have too many of them, especially when it comes to clothing, shoes, and accessories. This Space Dye French Terry Knit Top and shorts can be bought together as a set or separately. This way, you can mix them up in your wardrobe. You can pair the top with jeans and sneakers one day, and the shorts with a tank top and flip-flops the next day. There are so many possibilities!

Click here to shop this Space Dye Knit Top. 


  1. Tummy Control Leggings 


Nothing gets better than this! These pairs of leggings have a wide waistband to keep everything in its place–not too tight nor too loose, just right. You can wear it almost any time and any place, whether you’re practicing some yoga or running quick errands. Easy on and easy off. We love its casual characteristic and it’s easily a staple in the wardrobe.

Click here to shop these Tummy Control Leggings are in regular and plus sizes, too!


  1. Drawstring Back Night Dress


Easy to slip-on dresses spell out comfy over and over again. This nightdress is designed with a drawstring feature as a pretty yet functional detail. You can tighten it up or adjust according to your liking in one easy step. Feel free to stay in bed and sleep in wearing this one, or get up, make your coffee and begin cleaning up the corners of your home. Whatever comes!

Click here for ultimate comfort and style and shop this Drawstring Back Night Dress.

  1. Mineral Wash Zip Hoodie



Home is where it is. A classic piece–another item everyone should have in their closets: A zip-up hoodie. This Mineral Wash Zip Hoodie is not only super soft, but it also pays great attention to detail. Subtle as subtle goes, its twill tape drawstring openings have a gold metal grommet, and its zipper pull is dyed to match the fabric color.

Click here to shop the Mineral Wash Zip Hoodie.


  1. Tie Dye Pullover Top


This Tie Dye Pullover top is colorful and playful, yet super laid-back. This is especially perfect for the hardworking woman looking to break free from her daily routine. This is for the sunny days spent at home tending to ourselves, or for the days our friends may stop over. It has a beautiful cross open back detail that is simple but inviting. It is comfy, chic, and can be paired with light wash, high-waisted jean shorts, or denim jeans.

 Click here to shop this Tie Dye Pullover Top.

One last thing…

Simple, chic, and comfortable styling goes a long way. This could be as simple as throwing in some color or prints with a flare. You don’t have to go over the top in trying to be bolder. So, don’t be afraid to inch towards displaying more personality when it comes to your looks. Get ready to look good and feel your best while you lounge on your couch, prepare your afternoon cup of tea, and read that book you’ve been putting off.


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