15 essential face masks to match your daily outfits – Dressbarn

15 essential face masks to match your daily outfits

15 essential face masks to match your daily outfits - Dressbarn

15 essential fashion face masks to match your daily outfits

In the age of a global pandemic, it’s important to be aware of your hygiene, cleanliness, and surroundings. This is a straightforward step towards ensuring you’ll keep your own and other people’s safety and health a priority. Nowadays, face masks are readily available for all of us to use! With many options to choose from, you’ll also be reminded to wear a mask whenever you leave your home.

As essential as it is to keep safe, it is also necessary for most of us to look and feel good. And, to be safe doesn’t mean you have to be boring! As your guide to all things fashion, we always work towards showing you what’s possible with anything that’s available and within your reach. Now, we’re presenting to you 15 different ways to wear a face mask in style. 

There’s no need to let face masks ruin your outfits. Regardless of your taste and fashion preference, there will always be options that will fit exactly what you like. Here’s a curated list just for you to protect yourself while keeping in style. Yes, keeping up with the times has never been this fashionable!

1. The Schoolgirl Plaid Face Mask

Nostalgic, the pattern of this schoolgirl plaid face mask takes you back years and might even remind you of your fondest childhood memories. With such a fun yet laid-back mask, pair this accessory with this simple denim dress. The face mask makes for that throwback look, and especially perfect for when you want to take a youthful approach! 

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2. The Fierce Animal Print Face Mask

This is definitely one of our favorite face masks from the list. It has such a beautiful, unique, and stylish print, ideal for your fun and fierce personality. Wear this with the Quilted Jacquard Topper for added sophistication. The combo makes for long overdue family time with the in-laws. Hurry, and cop these items before they run out!

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3. The Retro Face Mask

This retro stripe print makes for such a simple and stylish look. Who knew clean lines could bring so much life to your outfit? Coupled with a pair of mom jeans, you can rock a vintage vibe even with such minimal effort. It’s fuss-free yet chic. Don’t hesitate to add small details of fun without all the drama.

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4. The Fresh and Trendy Tie Dye face Mask

A tie-dyed face mask is perfect for your summer and autumn wardrobe.is You won’t even need much color. Wear something plain and neutral, head-to-toe. For extra protection and style, wear it with the classic aviator sunglasses to balance out the mask’s bright colors and draw the attention upwards to your face.

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5. The Plain & Simple Face Mask

Theis plain and simple antibacterial face mask comes in different colors and it has antibacterial properties hence, it’s exactly what you should include in your daily essentials. Errands day? Going on a grocery shopping run? We’ve got you. Pair this up with the Essential Rain Hoodie, which you can wear anywhere, any day. 

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6. The Feminine Lace Face Mask

For the boss woman and the romantic lady, this lace face mask means serious business. For an evening date with your man, wear the sexy Cristy Jumpsuit and finish the look with your tallest, pin heels. Wear this at work for a huge client meeting or a sales presentation.  You’ll surely be ready to show your best self among your colleagues. With this look, you can be feminine, strong, and edgy all at once.

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7. The Edgy Denim-Inspired Face Mask

Who doesn’t love denim? Versatile, long-lasting, and a classic, we have at least one pair in our wardrobes. This denim-inspired face mask is something you can match with anything cool and casual. For days when you’d like to take long walks outside, pair this mask with these cute Westport Signature 5 Pocket Girlfriend Cuffed Jeans and sport some plain white sneakers.

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8. The Pretty in Floral Face Mask

Girly, feminine, and safe. There’s nothing more attractive than a subtle shade of pink, a little sparkle, and added health and safety precautions. This pink sparkle mask comes in different colors, too! You can switch up the flash in your everyday looks with a wide array of color options. Pair this up with the Chiffon Mixed Print Peasant Dress for your next pamper day or a visit to the salon. We love a good girl time!

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9. The Ditsy Floral Face Mask

For the next intimate garden party, wear this subtle forward floral print face mask to match the occasion. With its cute and stylish details, you’ll complement the overall mood while adding a feminine touch. Gathering with your friends and loved ones will be so much safer when you protect one another by sporting an antibacterial face mask with a protective chain. Pair this with the coral button front dress to go for that fresh, bright look.

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10. The Boho Paisley Face Mask

Cool, funky, and stylish, this mask can match a groovy mood or a relaxed one. The mask’s Olive color and warm undertones is inviting yet brings with it all the fun. Being safe doesn’t have to mean being boring! Out and about during the daytime, accessorize with this Spring Break Wide Brim Floppy Hat to complement the look.

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11. The Bejeweled Face Mask

Date night but keep it safe and socially-distanced. This bejeweled face mask is perfect for those candlelit dinners, whether in a minimal capacity restaurant or outside in the backyard garden. Pair this sleek face mask with a sexy piece, like the Ruby Slip Dress. With this combo, the romance never dies.

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12. The Glow-in-the-Dark Face Mask

A glow-in-the-dark mask? Cool and functional, this piece is your partner for your regular night time jogging sessions. Even better, it’s easy to find this in your pile of clothes, so it never goes missing! Pair it with this Pima Cotton Bike Short and your favorite running shoes for extra comfort.

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13. The Daring Animal Face Mask

Another one to complement our workwear outfits! This face mask is a functional piece that adds a bit more personality to your everyday office look. Even while you’re in a professional setting, you can still have a little bit of fun. Pair it up with a bright collar shirt and black pants for days you’re in a rush, and you’re good to go. 

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14. The Metallic Face Mask

Got a special dinner coming up? Whether it’s indoors or in a fancy place, be sure to glam it up with this golden face mask. Soft and breathable, it’s definitely a protective measure that won’t get in the way of your night. Pair it up with this Short Velvet Cocktail Dress and style with block heel sandals.

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15. The Blue Skies Face Mask

Schedule that potluck work session with your small team while keeping in mind some social distancing. Keep it intimate, relaxed, yet productive with this calming blue face mask. Pair it with this Tie Top and Split Bell Pant Lounge Set so you can freely move as you brainstorm with your team in preparation for the next big presentation.

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Find the Balance Between Safety and Style

Just like finding a balance between comfort and fashion, we believe that you can keep safe while keeping in style. Yes, you can do both! With face masks being readily available, there has been a wide range of options you can choose from. All you have to do is find the face masks that match your style, fit your personality, and one that truly makes you feel comfortable. It’s that simple. This way, the habit of being extra safe will be easier for you to stick to. 

We’re here reminding you that being safe doesn’t need to get in the way of keeping in style. Look at the bright side and take advantage of this time to add  a new accessory to your everyday wardrobe. Now, you can step out and show off your stylish head-to-toe outfits with fashionable face masks! Be an example, and motivate others to take protective measures too.


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