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All The Bags You Need This Summer

All The Bags You Need This Summer - Dressbarn

All The Bags You Need This Summer

This perfect weather is just calling for us to go out and have fun. Make sure to grab the right bag to bring along. Whether you’re leaving for work, going out to meet with people, running errands, shopping, traveling to the beach, or attending an event, the appropriate carryall matters. 

A bag’s primary purpose is to carry your personal items when you leave the house. Any bag can serve that purpose but the bag you bring should match your outfit, too. as much as possible so as not to look like an eyesore. Just as there is proper attire for activities and events, there are also proper bags to match.

We’ve rounded up all the bags you need this summer to go along with the clothes you’ve purchased for this season. Take a look at our selection.

Beach Bags

Leopard Straw Shopper With Tassel

Beach bags are can pack all your necessary beach items like a towel, a change of clothes, sunblock, shades, water, and some food. It should be spacious enough so you won’t need to bring more than one bag and you’ll have everything you need with you at whichever spot you go to at the beach. The best beach bags are waterproof and sand-proof.

Oversized Bags

Straw Circle Tote "Floral"

Oversized bags are perfect for mothers on the go who have to carry their own things while bringing items for their children. They’re also a good choice for women who need to bring quite a number of things while on the go from one place to another throughout the day. They’re also good for shopping when buying several small items. Instead of carrying various different shopping bags, you can place all the items inside one bag for convenience.

If you want simple, natural, and durable, the Spring Lurex Tote With Double Handles is what you’re probably looking for. 

Day Bags

Sabine Drawstring Bag

The perfect day bag is not too big, not too small. It’s a medium-sized bag that can carry all your personal essentials like a wallet, phone, keys, small toiletry kit, maybe a small notebook and pen or tissue, and other small items you need for the day. It’s enough to last you from morning to evening and it’s easy to carry around, especially if you’re mobile throughout the day.

  • The Sabine Drawstring Bag can be carried on the arm or by the shoulder. It’s made of vegan leather and canvas, which is good news for sustainability lovers.
  • Those who love unstructured and unique bags will love this Geometric Print Hobo Bag. It’s spacious but doesn’t look oversized.  
  • This Mersi Demi Bucket Bag - Vegan Leather is a versatile bag that can be used for work on weekdays and for going out on weekends. The strap can also be changed so it can look different from time to time.
  • The Kira Bag can be a handbag or a shoulder bag and that’s what makes it worth the price. Its classic look makes it proper for work but since it’s not structured, it can also be used for casual days. 
  • The Cotton Burnout Textured Print Pom Pom Tassel Crossbody Tote is a great weekend bag that brings out the adventurous and fun feel that goes with the weekend. 

For those who take public transportation and prefer a front-facing bag, this Mersi Harlow Messenger - Vegan Leather is a nice choice. It’s slim but spacious and comes with pockets both inside and outside.  

Mini Bags

Mersi Ruby Top Handle Studded - Vegan Leather

Mini bags are not just an accessory. They’re the perfect size bags for short periods away from home. They should have just enough space to carry money, a phone, keys, and maybe a lip gloss or sanitizing spray. These are the kinds of bags you bring to lunch with a friend or a quick errand. They can also be used for work bags if you already have everything in the office and there’s no need to bring anything else from home. The greatest advantage of mini bags is that they’re lightweight so they’re easy to carry around.

Evening Bags

Mersi Maddie Crossbody - Vegan Leather

Evening bags are traditionally small as they only carry key items you need at a party or event like some cash, phone, car and house keys, and a lipstick for touch-ups probably. You wouldn’t want to be overburdened throughout the night by a large bag with items you won’t even need. Tiny bags make it easier to jump from one table to another and socialize with several people.

The Right Bag is Your Best Friend

It’s good to have more than one bag and to use a different one for every situation or occasion. It’s not just practical but also proper. Similar to clothes, bags also come and go per season so grab the best bag for you to carry around this summer while they’re available.

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