Everything You Need for Your 2022 Capsule Wardrobe – Dressbarn

Everything You Need for Your 2022 Capsule Wardrobe

Everything You Need for Your 2022 Capsule Wardrobe - Dressbarn

Everything You Need for Your 2022 Capsule Wardrobe

Having a capsule wardrobe is one of the easiest ways to avoid a fashion dilemma. It’s about having a closet full of pieces that can be mixed and matched almost infinitely. That resolves most women’s problem of not knowing what to wear for the day! 

If you’re starting from scratch this 2022, we got your back. We’re compiling every item you need for your starter capsule wardrobe this new year. These pieces will solve any fashion dilemma you’ll face! From the essential basics to accessories that complete a look, here is everything you need for your 2022 capsule wardrobe.

Elevated Basics

Shop the Satin Boxy Tee Woven Top, $54.95 - Blush 

You can never go wrong with the basics. They’re easy to pair with basically anything, and you can also style them in different ways. For instance, a boxy tee may look simple for you. However, make things exciting by getting a T-shirt with a satin finish! 

Cami tops aren’t only for your loungewear needs. Take a satin cami top and wear it with a pair of denim pants. Cover up with a cardigan, or put it over a plain turtleneck top. The possibilities are simply endless! 

Make chilly days more enjoyable with a cropped sweater top. In a bold color, you’re not only staying on-trend, but you’re also keeping yourself warm and cozy! 

There are days when we just don’t know what to wear. A bodysuit is a great styling must-have as it shapes the wearer’s body and is comfortable to wear. Bring it home in a leopard print for an easy statement piece. 

Finally, every woman needs a trusty button-down. Don’t let it be just another boring shirt in your wardrobe. Spice up the look with balloon sleeves and an oversized silhouette!



Layering Needs

Shop the Coco Cotton Belted Blazer - Plus, $158.95 - Skyline

A capsule wardrobe should have everything you need for the whole year. That includes a good collection of layers to create any look. For more formal days, a belted blazer works wonders. It’s professional and powerful especially when worn with relaxed pants. 

Weekends can be a little more interesting with a draped collar trench coat instead! The silhouette can easily pass for a catch-up dinner with the ladies! 

If you’re the adventurer type, you also need a jacket that’s as functional as it’s stylish. A 3-in-1 military-style jacket will last you seasons, and even get you through pregnancy just fine! 

When fall comes, you don’t want to be rummaging your old closets or impulse buying new jackets to warm you up. A faux Sherpa jacket in plaid is a foolproof choice that will never go out of style. 

Finally, for everyday errands or morning jogs, a standard front-zip hoodie will be your best friend. It’s grab and go but get a hoodie that will look cute with everything!

Shop the Kaii Draped Collar Trench Coat Jacket, $149.95 - Black



Trusty Trousers

Shop the Gigi Parker Jogger With Smocked Waistband - Plus, $79.95 - Black 

Sometimes, finding the perfect pair of pants for a capsule wardrobe poses the biggest challenge of all. It’s simply hard to find something that fits any and all occasions! Our suggestion? Keep the colors neutral! For instance, take a jogger pants but make sure that it’s fashionable even with its very sporty silhouette. A smocked waistband will hug your figure just right and make your pants perfect for both work and athleisure. 

Don’t skip the wide leg pants! It works wonders for formal and office settings in a warm earthy color. 

If you want a pair of pants that can get you through lazy days and non-stop errands, get a pair of straight leg pants. Wear it at home or take it outside, you’ll stay fashionable either way! 

For a bit of flair, try something with side slits to make your look more interesting. 

Finally, don’t skip a good denim pair. With a drawstring waist, it’s lovely for everyday wear and easy to style for casual affairs.



Finishing Touches


Shop the Anne Klein Premium Crystal-Accented Bangle Watch Set, $150

Accessories are essential to a capsule wardrobe. Buy them in sets so you instantly know which pieces go together. They can also be multi-purpose accessories that you can wear anywhere. Take the Anne Klein bangle watch set, which has everything you need for a casual look. 

Different occasions call for various earring sizes as well. Make sure you’re ready for anything with a stud earring set. Adding a bit of your personality to the look never hurts! 

Wear your star sign loud and proud with a pendant necklace. 

Want to be cute and warm at the same time? Put on a knitted bucket hat in a neutral color for a casual look.

Finally, be prepared for any event with a wristlet. You can keep it in your big girl bag or tote it alone for quick errands!

Keep Calm with a Capsule Wardrobe

Gone are the days when we didn't know what to wear! A capsule wardrobe will be the simple solution to any fashion dilemma. Start small and with the basics in neutral shades, then as you gain more confidence, explore the same basic pieces in more exciting colors and shapes. You can also just show off your personality with accessories. No matter what your capsule wardrobe has, what matters is they all reflect who you are and they make you happy. After all, anything you wear will only look good if you love it!

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