Our top 10 summer footwear choices – Dressbarn

Our top 10 summer footwear choices

Our top 10 summer footwear choices - Dressbarn

Our top 10 easy-to-wear summer footwear choices

Ah, summer. It’s the perfect season to lounge under the sun, get a tan, take long walks by the bay, take a dip in the pool, and wear your lightest clothes and comfiest shoes. It’s essential to keep fresh and feel fresh, not just for the clothes you wear but also for the shoes on your feet. All of us ladies have different moods each day, and we genuinely believe that, sometimes, the shoe will do all the talking. So, take good care of your feet and give them some love by dressing them up in the most fabulous footwear of the season.

A woman can never have too many options, especially when it comes to shoes. We’ve rounded up low-effort and super stylish summer shoes you can wear almost anywhere!  For now, ditch the stiletto heels, the boots, the mary janes, and what-not. These selections will fit any type of woman looking to amp up their style while getting the comfiest options. 

1. The Freedom Shoe

Everyone loves to wear comfy slip-ons, and cute ones at that! The Mia Freedom Memory Foam Espadrilles have the footbed of our dreams. With these, you could be running errands all day, finishing up preps for a garden party at home, or simply taking long walks in the park with your pet. Its versatility and comfort make us wish all our shoes had memory foams! That’s freedom, indeed. You can wear this with a simple white t-shirt, and a denim skirt or one of our signature fit jeans. Plus, doesn’t this lively design get your energy flowing? We love every bit of it.

Click here to shop this colorful Freedom Shoe.

2. The Vacation Sandals

And, what if you’re one of the lucky ones who can travel this time? It’s the time for a vacation, trips to your favorite beaches, and being on a cell phone-free sandbar. There’s no need for those overly strappy sandals that take up too much time to put on or remove. These vacation sandals are fuss-free yet super fashionable and have enough detail to catch your attention. We’ll do a double-take as you wear these with your swimsuit cover-up before you take a dip.

Click here to shop the Vacation Sandals.

3. The Ribbon Sweetheart

Elegant, charming, and feminine all in one. The classy look of these Mia Yanet Espadrille Wedge Sandals is to die for! We imagine this pair would be lovely for those summer weddings you’d love to attend, as well as for those long overdue al-fresco brunch dates with your best ladies. With these, you’ll have a sophisticated go-to fashion piece for the summer. We can already hear all the compliments coming your way! Just add it to any one of our women's casual summer dresses and you've already got that extra edge.

Click here to shop these Espadrille Wedge Sandals.

4. The Relaxed Platform

Flat platforms are definitely a fashion piece worth purchasing! For the summer, this is especially perfect for the laid-back lady on-the-go. Slip that on, have your cup of coffee, and your day starts smoothly. Let’s go for an easygoing mood; picture yourself in a relaxed button-down blouse, blue mom jeans, and this pair. It’s a simple option yet the 90s charm of these flats gives the look an instant boost without going over-the-top. 

Click here to shop the Platform Sandals.

5. The Nude Wedge

Any nude footwear gives an illusion of lengthier legs. So, stand tall and stand proud! The extra effort will add to your self-confidence with just a simple trick. We’d definitely love to see this matched with a floral maxi dress. Its wedge heel gives our feet all the support they need. Sport the look as you attend those summer garden parties. We love to look good but we never compromise comfort. Win-win!

Click here to shop the Nude Wedge Sandals.

6. The Blocked Heel

Perhaps you’re not into bright colors or neon shades, and that’s completely fine! Being subtle is up to you and your taste. Looking pretty in subdued candy-colored pastels is just as summer-y, especially in these super adorable block heels. You can aim for that cute girly look pairing it with a midi or maxi skirt. Better yet, this simple, romantic style automatically dresses you up for those special dinner dates. You can’t go wrong with these especially when accessorized with these bangles to complement any look.

Click here to shop this coral Blocked Heel.

7. The Little White Sandals

Sometimes, depending on your mood, you just want to go for something simple. There are days you just need a little bit of minimalism incorporated in your outfits. Easy to wear, easy to match with, and simple yet oh-so-pretty, these little white sandals are exactly just for that. We’d style it with a loose tank top and this indigo wrap skirt for that fresh summer, casual feeling.

Click here to shop the White Wedge Sandal.

8. The Colorful Platform

If you can’t guess it by now, yes, we love our platforms and wedges, especially during this season. There’s something about being outside, soaking up the sun, and walking around in hassle-free heels! It can take any outfit from drab to fab, whether it's a simple denim dress or a plain fit and flare dress. Just like these Impo Taedra Espadrille Platform Wedge, it instantly lifts our mood just by adding it to our OOTDs.

Click here to shop this Colorful Platform.

9. The Rainbow Espadrilles

Aren’t these beautiful? You may agree: Every woman should have at least one pair of fun rainbow-hued espadrilles. These summer-inspired shoes are breathable, durable, and timeless. This is perfect paired with a linen summer dress and maybe those sunglasses you’ve been eyeing for a while now. 

Click here to shop the Rainbow Espadrilles.

10. The Statement Maker

This fun tie-dye design makes such a statement that no one could miss! Who knew tie-dye could be worn on shoes, too? This bold ankle tie wedge is great even for evenings. The cork material makes it lightweight and easy to prance around. Take these to a party and dance the night away. Trust us, with this pair, it will always feel like a celebration. Cheers!

Click here to shop these Colorful Statement Wedge Sandals

Summer lovin’ had you a blast…

Here’s the real deal: Summer is the best time to bring out the fun side in you. Whether you’re at home, at the park, at your friend’s house, or at work. And there’s no better way to ride with the season than by showcasing your favorite summer looks. 

Shoes make such a great impression, especially when you’re confident and you love what you’re wearing. So, pick out your new, cute pair of shoes, and feel the excitement as you step out to bask in the weather. Enjoy all the bright colors (or the pastel ones)! You know what they say, good shoes take you to good places.


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