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Pulling Off The Hamptons Look

Pulling Off The Hamptons Look - Dressbarn

Pulling Off The Hamptons Look

We love the laidback casual looks for summer and we can’t think of anything better than the Hamptons style as our guide. For those on the East Coast, the Hamptons is a popular vacation destination, especially in the summer months when the water is just so inviting. 

The place connotes a certain luxe resort chic that has become known all over. There are certain characteristics that make up the look. These are all white from head to toe, the color blue in different hues, light and airy garments, laidback and casual combinations, and the nautical style.

We’ve picked pieces that epitomize the Hamptons Look. Check them out and pick the perfect sophisticated summer ensemble for you.

All-White Ensemble

White Pompom Off Shoulder Butterfly Mini Dress

When you search for images of the Hamptons, the color white stands out, not just in clothing but also in the interiors of the vacation homes and resorts. It’s simple, cool, clean and refreshing. All-white outfits also look polished even when they’re casual. It’s a look that anyone can pull off.

Blue Hues

Lola Button Up Midi Dress

Blue will always be the color that calms and cools no matter what hue or shade it comes in. Next to white, it’s the color that comes to mind when the Hamptons is mentioned simply because that place is all about the clear summer sky and the great sea. All shades of blue are crucial to nail the Hamptons look.

Light & Airy

Meringue Summer Gingham Black Dress - Plus

Summer dressing is about keeping things light and breathable amidst the humidity and the heat. Cool fabrics like cotton and linen allow the skin to breathe. They keep the body covered while keeping it cool. You don’t want body-hugging outfits made of thick materials at this time. So stick to light ones that will let as much air through the garments.

Laidback & Casual

Delhi Wide Leg Linen Pants - Plus

Aside from light and breathable materials, you want to go for a laidback and casual style similar to California dressing. The outfits you pick should look fuss-free, simple and easy-going. Go with outfits that come as a matching pair or pick one-6piece garments so you won’t have to think of how to combine pieces.  

Nautical Navigation

Soft Blue Summer Ruffle Midi Dress

The nautical style is quintessential Hamptons look. It is just appropriate to the setting and activities of the community. Nautical is not just about stripes. It is also in patterns, the blue and white combination, or in certain elements of garments.

Head Over To Relaxation

Wherever you’re headed this summer, take inspiration from the Hamptons look. Keep things light, casual, comfortable and effortless to pull off the look. We’ve got so many pieces you can take with you so start shopping.

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