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Shades For Every Face Shape

Shades For Every Face Shape - Dressbarn

Shades For Every Face Shape

The glaring summer sun can damage our eyes, especially when spending a lot of time outdoors during the day. One way to protect our eyes is by wearing sunglasses with UV protection. But finding the right style depends on your face shape. Sunglasses are considered accessories, and accessories aim to highlight features or add interest to certain areas. Accessories can make the look if the right one is chosen or break the look if they’re the wrong ones. 

Since sunglasses come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, we’ll present a guide to making it easier for you to pick the best option for your face shape, whether you have a round, square, triangular, oval, heart, or diamond face. Remember that the key is balance.

Oversized Frames For Oval Faces

Adele Sunglasses

An oval-shaped faces has both a narrow forehead and jaw which creates an elongated illusion. Oval faces are usually thin and long which makes them the perfect shape for wearing oversized frames, which will add width to the face. 


Sharp Angles For Round Faces

Classic Horn Rimmed Rectangle Fashion Sunglasses

A round face barely has any sharp edges. The width of the forehead is similar to that of the jaw area with full cheeks, which is the widest area of the face. To balance this type of face shape, glasses with sharp or angular features are the best option. Bold rectangular frames will break the roundness of the face and bring focus to the eyes instead of the entire face.

Soft Curves for Square Faces

Abby Sunglasses

A square face is similar to a round face in that the forehead and the jaw are similar in width. The difference is that a square face has sharper angles. Think strong jaws that are the same width as the cheeks and forehead. To balance out the angles, round frames would suit square faces more. It’s also best to find glasses that are wider than your cheekbones to create a fuller look. 


Bold Top For Triangular Faces


Cd11 Women's Brow Bar Mirrored Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses

A triangular face has a wider jawline than the forehead. This makes the face seem much heavier at the bottom so the balance needed is to place more attention on the upper portion. Sunglasses with bold top half-frames will do the trick. Cat-eye-shaped glasses also accentuate the upper part and draw attention to the forehead instead of the jaw.

Lower Details For Heart Faces

Athina Sunglasses

The heart-shaped face is the opposite of the triangular face. A Heart-shaped face has a wider forehead and a narrow jawline which make the face look like it’s getting smaller towards the chin. The key to creating balance is by having more details on the lower part of the glasses which will draw attention downwards. Round glasses also help soften the angular features at the bottom of the face.

Soft Contrast For Diamond Faces

Hipster Translucent Monochromatic Sunglasses

A diamond-shaped face has sharper and more angular features than an oval shaped face. It also has a narrow forehead and jawline which makes the face look long. What differentiates a diamond-shaped face is the defined cheekbones and fuller cheeks. This face shape has to be balanced out by softening the angles. This means going for curvier glasses like round or oval shaped. 

Always Carry A Pair With You

Don’t let your eyes suffer from the glare of the sun. Carry a pair of sunglasses with you wherever you go. There’s a right pair of shade for whatever face shape you may have so you don’t have to worry. Explore the styles, sizes and colors to see what will best suit you. They’re not just for summer so you’ll get to use them all-year round.

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