Spotted in Dressbarn: Different Styles To Paint Your Everyday Moods

Spotted in Dressbarn: Different Styles To Paint Your Everyday Moods

Spotted in Dressbarn: Different Styles To Paint Your Everyday Moods - Dressbarn

Spotted in Dressbarn: Different Styles To Paint Your Everyday Moods

One day you’re feeling like wearing prints from top to bottom, and the next day you’re in a minimalist look. Different days, different moods. If you think that your style change throughout the week, you’re not alone. We’ve discovered through social media these Dressbarn women as inspirations to our ever-evolving fashion taste. Here are the 5 different styles to match your different moods any day, any time.

The lady in red

A lady in red is always a force to be reckoned with, especially in style. It’s a classic weapon of choice whether it's for fashion and clothing or beauty. But aside from the fiery red that we’re all used to, the shade also features other tones like burnt orange, rust, brick red, wine red, and even blush.

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Feminine in Pastels

Trendy pastels are great for year-round styling. They suit almost every season as well as almost any event. Pastel shades are usually seen in a soft, delicate, and hyper-feminine light. But you can always explore pastel shades beyond dresses. Try them in pantsuits for a busy workday.

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Ultra cool in muted tones

Colors like blue, navy, and gray fall on the cool section of the color spectrum. You see them in the various denim washes, which makes the color blue a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. However, you can also play it up and stand out in other shades like teal, cobalt, indigo, and cerulean.

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Cozy in neutrals

Neutral examples like nude, black, and white err on the side of safety but can make you look chic and sophisticated all the same. And the best thing about neutrals? They make for good basics options, too, as they have the uncanny ability to blend in with every outfit, for every mood.

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Prints galore

And then there are some days you don’t want to blend in so much. On a casual Saturday, wear a midi floral dress with over-the-knee boots. Meanwhile, for a busy day, mix up your workwear look with an animal print blouse or blazer. There are countless ways to incorporate your favorite prints into your wardrobe.

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All in a day’s work

How you style yourself reflects your current mood, or at least the fashion trends you might be currently drawn to. Preparing your look for the day is an instant pick-me-upper, even if you’re just lounging at home or working from home. It’s a form of self-care and plus, there’s something satisfying about putting on your fave dress in the morning. Begin your day with the right pieces to fit your mood, and let the self-styling do all the talking.

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