8 Must-try Makeup Trends for the Fall Season of 2020 – Dressbarn

8 Must-try Makeup Trends for the Fall Season of 2020

8 Must-try Makeup Trends for the Fall Season of 2020 - Dressbarn

The 8 Must-try Makeup Trends for the Fall Season of 2020

A woman can never have too many choices. We’ve scouted makeup trends from one icon to another, as well as ideas from global beauty experts. You never know, you might find the perfect go-to look for you that will fit your desired look all year-round. Suitable for every mood, these are makeup looks you can switch up between week after week. Additionally, you can share these tips amongst your best gals, and hopefully, inspire them to explore as well!

1. Bright Lips


Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar, @naokoscintu

From hot pink to fire red, speak your words loud and proud with bright lips! This makeup look will surely catch everyone’s attention. For the fun night out, you’ll surely be the life of the party with this look. For your next bachelorette party, pair the bright lips with a sleek v-neckline mini dress for all the entertainment without too much drama.

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2. Major Liner

Photo source: @kali.ledger, @gilbert_soliz

You guessed it right: We’re talking about ultra precise and sharp shapes, as well as exaggerated, thick layers of black eyeliner. Mysterious, sexy, and alluring would be the best words to describe the look. You can put on that special occasion’s dress for an all-in look or simply pair your dramatic winged eyeliner with a black bamboo unstructured blazer to balance it out with a slight softness.

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3. Smokey Colorful Shadows


Photo source: @isabell.de.vries, @delinamedhin

There are no more excuses during Autumn not to enjoy all the colors that will pop this season. What do we mean? Let’s take the classic smokey eye up a notch. Mix warm and neutral hues for some fade-in effect, or go bold with a solo color to highlight the shape of your eyes. This look is perfect for a date night, coupled with a romantic, sexy slip dress.

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4. Golden Girl


Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar, Seventeen Magazine

A monochromatic look that’s versatile? Count us in! You can go from the dewy texture to a matte finish or even the metallic for extra shine. Experiment with light brown to golden hues, depending on your mood. Use highlighters to amp up that glow or simply go for that dewy, face oil look. It’s amazing how many directions you can go by using gold. Glam up in a solid, power jumpsuit you can wear from day to night.

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5. Boy Brows


Photo source: Refinery 29, Byrdie

Gone are the days when it’s all about structured, thick, and dark eyebrows. For the Fall season, you’ll want to give this soft look a try. Bushy and fluffy, yet definitely not unruly, the boy brow makes a statement too. We love this look because you get to try it whether you have thin or thick hair. For a relaxed, laid-back look, wear this with a lightweight casual dress or a basic white t-shirt and some wide leg denim pants

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6. Gothic Glam


Photo source: Harper’s Bazaar, Refinery 29

This feminine, vampy makeup look is perfect for the busy days going to the office. With these hues, we mean business: Important client meetings, big presentations, and tight deadlines. Get your A-game on with your best boss lady pants matched with a chic formal top. With this stylish combo, you’ll be sure to command serious attention.

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7. Rosy Cheeks


Photo source: Refinery 29

From cream blushes to powder blushes, and cheek stains, there are so many ways and so many products to achieve this rosy look. Fitting for every occasion, we like to incorporate rosy cheeks into our daily beauty look. We love using blush because it not only enhances our natural beauty, but it also hides signs of stress, lack of sleep, and even hangovers! For a feminine look, we can see you in rosy cheeks while wearing a simple flowy top, jeans, and sneakers as you take an afternoon stroll by the bay.

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 Au Naturel


Photo source: @kaleteter, The Zoe Report

Sometimes, less is more. The no makeup, makeup look enhances your natural features and highlights your true beauty. In going for the “barely there” makeup style, it’s best for days you just feel the need to let your skin breathe on its own. Or rather, just go absolutely bare. For the days you spend on your downtime, pair this up with a strapless day dress with subtle pops of colors.

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Beauty is in our surroundings, too!

Seeing a myriad of color shades is exciting for most of us. Aside from choosing your outfit, picking out a shade for your lip, your eyelids, or your cheeks is the fun part in getting ready. You can’t deny that it gives you such a thrill, even for the minimalist in you. With the new season, match the Autumn’s surrounding with warm, earthy, yet cool hues and experiment with different beauty looks. In strutting your personal style and your own beauty look, you’ll exude a whole other level of self confidence.


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