The Best Accessory for Every Fashion Personality – Dressbarn

The Best Accessory for Every Fashion Personality

The Best Accessory for Every Fashion Personality - Dressbarn


It’s true: Accessories make any outfit better. If you feel like your look is too plain, a pair of statement earrings can instantly elevate your outfit. Need to add shape to your shirt dress? Cinch your waist with a belt, let’s dive in!

Accessories hold the secret to making your ensemble look expensive or more luxe than it is. You can experiment with different styles until you find your favorite combinations. Whether you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt or something more black tie-appropriate, the right accessories can up your look in more ways than you can imagine.

Below, we presented various fashion personas and how accessories play in making each look unique.


For the lady who likes bling

You love all things pretty and sparkly, and you never shy away from layering your favorite accessories. You live by the mantra, “more is more,” which means you don’t let a jeans-and-tee combo keep you from donning oversized, bejeweled earrings. However, you can also tone it down when the occasion calls for it.

Style notes: Don’t limit the potential of your jewelry collection and mix different stones to create dimension. Play with jewel tones to match your outfit.

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For the outfit repeater

Outfit repeaters have a good rep for maintaining a sustainable wardrobe without losing their personal style (remember when wearing the same outfit more than once was a major fashion crime?). They’re very creative when making their outfits look new every time, thanks to accessorizing.

Style notes: Accessorize your accessories. For example, bag charms add intrigue to your look. You can also try a statement accessory like a thick headband to create a focal point in your ensemble.

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For the lady who loves silver

Silver evokes a nostalgic charm while having that modern flair. No matter the setting, it’s a classic piece to wear and is versatile. Silver looks beautiful on those who have cool and neutral undertones, so use it to your advantage.

Style notes: Wear silver with black for a stunning contrast. Burgundy, royal blue, and other dark colors also create rich color backgrounds for your jewelry to shine against.

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For the woman who can’t live without color

After living in bleak neutrals for over a year, we could use a touch of maximalism and a whole lot of color in our wardrobe. But, if you’re someone who’s always loved diverse palettes, feel free to treat your outfit like a canvas! From bright pink totes to chartreuse earrings, have a blast with making a statement.

Style notes: Try to build your outfit around one accessory like a bag, for instance. You can match your coat, shoes, top, or other accessories with it for a chic, coordinating look.

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For the lady who loves wearing gold

Unlike silver, gold is more encompassing and looks great on all skin tones. From earrings punctuated by rhinestones to rings inlaid with freshwater pearls, gold is a standout metal that stays on-trend season after season.

Style notes: Nothing says summer style like white on gold. A monochrome matchup in all white is one combination that will never lose its appeal, whether you’re rocking a silk camisole or linen capris.

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For the lady who loves to go out and get dressed up

If you miss going out as much as we do, we bet you already have outfits lined up for your every agenda this year. You love making a statement and have everything down to the detail, including accessories. As someone with versatile style, you’re not afraid to switch up your look to match any occasion.

Style notes: Slip into a pair of heels and wear trendy accessories like gold cuffs or a chic clutch bag to go with your ensemble.

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For the lady who likes to stay casual and chic

Comfort and style can go hand in hand with the right accessories. A summer hat, trendy sneakers, or even a leather tote can spice up any casual look depending on the season and occasion. Multifunctional pieces are also on the table, such as scarves.

Style notes: Stick to classic accessories like hoop earrings, watches, and hats. They add just the right amount of flair to any outfit, from casual to semi-formal.

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Don’t be a stickler for rules

...especially when it comes to accessorizing! Fashion is fun, and you should have the freedom to experiment with your style or rediscover old favorites. 

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