The Best Dressbarn Looks We Spotted on Instagram this 2020

The Best Dressbarn Looks We Spotted on Instagram this 2020

The Best Dressbarn Looks We Spotted on Instagram this 2020 - Dressbarn

The Best Dressbarn Looks We Spotted on Instagram this 2020

There’s nothing quite like a year-end special than a curated list of the most memorable Dressbarn outfits worn by you. Throughout this roller coaster of a year, we’ve seen our audience grow in style and grace. Here are your most unforgettable Dressbarn looks we spotted on Instagram!

1. Loungewear Chic

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We suppose there has been a newfound appreciation for chic loungewear made for simple, daily tasks. Everyone seemed to find ways to elevate their daily loungewear with all these months of being in quarantine because why not?

2. The Versatile Jumpsuit

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A one-piece-wonder, jumpsuits often find the middle ground between laidback casual and getting all dolled up for the day. We love denim, all-black, and floral jumpsuits because they showcase the piece's all-time wearability, and it’s so easy to wear. Just put it on, and you’re ready for the day.

3. Chic and Comfortable Momswear

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Cute maternity looks and chic yet comfy pieces perfect for moms are here to stay. Chill with the kids with easy-to-style and relaxed pieces that are easy to move around in, such as wrap dresses, pretty skirts, and accessories.

4Flower Power

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There will always be something special about floral prints. Featuring unique botanical designs, they easily add personality and flair to your outfits with their feminine touch and universal appeal. This list wouldn’t be complete without your best floral looks!

5. Work-From-Home Outfits

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With most of us working from home this 2020, we found ourselves going for pieces that are presentable enough for video meetings yet comfortable enough to move around the house. Dressing up gives us a sense of normality and a chance to keep a part of our pre-quarantine routine. With this, Zoom meetings can be more exciting.

6. Exotic Animal Prints

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With exotic animal prints, you can get loud and proud today, and subtle and chic tomorrow. Don this print in different pieces such as puffer jackets, bags, tops, and skirts, and make your own statement in different ways.

7. Luxe in Dresses

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Luxurious dresses give you that extra boost of confidence, especially when you wear them out to special occasions and intimate gatherings. From LBDs, cocktail pieces, to vacation-ready dresses, take your outfit out for a spin.

8. Winter Wonderland

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We love how you style your winter looks with a few punches of colors here and there, a layer (or two) of sweaters and coats, and finishing touches such as gloves, beanies, boots, and ponchos. Rocking winter outfits could be a definite sign that you’re growing to refine your sartorial taste.

9. Boho Femme

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An abundance of boho femme outfits emerged during the Fall season, a time when jewel tones and paisley prints came in the form of lengthy, roomy dresses paired with boots. This go-to ensemble is a seasonal trend that everyone loves.

10. Sweaters Galore

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Who could possibly resist a good sweater? A style staple, every woman should keep elegant, stylish, and comfortable sweaters in her wardrobe. They come in different cuts, embellishments, colors, and thickness, making them a go-to for a layering 

A new year ahead

As a new year lies ahead, look to a brighter horizon. Everything will be new, once again, as you begin another journey discovering your evolving personal style, refining your taste, and welcoming new trends. With fashion, life would never have a dull moment. Cheers to embracing changes!

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