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The Colors of Summer

The Colors of Summer - Dressbarn

With the bright sun and clear skies putting everything in a spotlight, it’s easier to notice vivid hues everywhere. Summer is definitely a great time to wear lively hues and try bold color blocking whether in timeless pieces or in this season’s trends. We show you some summer palette inspirations to try and live by. 

Waking Up to A Peaceful Palette

Playful Off Shoulder Vacay Mini Dress Plus

The morning sky is a mixture of blue, purple, and yellow tones and even a tinge of green as a result of the combination of the blues and yellows. These hues grant a sense of relaxation at first sight when you open your eyes and lasts throughout the day. Reflect this same peaceful vibe in your daily wardrobe with these picks.

A Burst of Hues In The Afternoon Sky

The sky at sunset is a fiery riot of hues as the day transitions into twilight. You’ll be astonished by stunning shades of purple, pink, orange, yellow, red, and blue. The colors are so mesmerizing and definitely an inspiration for any summer wardrobe. Use the power that the afternoon to evening sky holds to captivate those around you when you don the same tones. 

A Garden Centerpiece

Take inspiration from the flowers and plants around you for attractive color combinations that will make you the center of attention. Blend into nature’s beauty and let it bring out your inner goddess. Don’t be afraid to wear more than two colors—isn’t a garden a burst of rainbow hues?

As Seen On The Runway

Playful Fuchsia Poplin Cotton Wrap Dress

This season’s colors of fuschia, lime green, hot orange, and daffodil yellow are bold, fun and playful. Reminiscent of nature’s flowers, fruits, and leaves in full bloom, these bright shades are a reminder to celebrate the beauty around us and enjoy what life has to offer. Wear these fun colors and you’ll be a positive force to those around you.

Live A Colorful Life

There’s so much color in the world that it would be a waste for them not to be enjoyed especially at a time like this. Make the most of the striking sun to see the true vibrance of all the colors that bring joy to life. You can take inspiration everywhere you look so don’t be afraid to live a life filled with bold and bright hues.

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