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Timeless Shoes for Every Wardrobe

Timeless Shoes for Every Wardrobe - Dressbarn


For us women, there’s no such thing as having “too many shoes.” Shoes are life-changing accessories that can make an outfit. From bare-ankle styles to knee-high boots, everybody’s got a pair for any occasion.

With nowhere to go and no one to see (at least for the time being), every trip we make beyond the four corners of our house is an exciting adventure that we have to dress up for. Shoes are no doubt a big part of this experience, even if what we’ve all been wearing lately are beat-up sneakers and slides. Quite frankly, we’re ready for a change.

Lucky for you, we’ve found options so chic and comfy you can finally retire your trainers until further notice. Keep reading ahead to see which styles we’re obsessed with at the moment.


Ankle Boots

Even for a category as distinct as ankle boots, there are still numerous styles to choose from. There are kitten-heel booties, combat boots, Western-inspired boots, and so on. They’re surprisingly versatile, and they come in many iterations depending on the season. Go ahead and wear them with a midi dress or a pair of mom jeans, and you’ll have two looks that are uniquely stylish in their own right.

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This quintessential spring-summer footwear has seen many styles, but slingbacks will always have a place in our wardrobe. They’re comfortable on any terrain, lightweight, and don’t have laces to slow you down when you need to get ready quickly. And did we mention they’re perfect for the beach?

Whether you have espadrilles, outdoor sandals, or a woven pair, styling them is just as effortless. We see puff-sleeve dresses and breezy kaftans at the top of our list paired with dainty accessories like a flower earring or a beaded necklace.

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You didn’t think we would exclude this from our list, didn’t you? Sneakers, trainers, rubber shoes—whatever you want to call them, we owe it to the sports gods who made these shoes possible. We’ve seen platform sneakers emerge from the 90s and wedge sneakers in the early 2000s, two trends that seem to be making noise this 2021.

Naturally, you’ll want to go with a casual outfit for an easy, fuss-free look; but you’ll be missing out on all the style possibilities! Try a printed blouse and high-waist jeans, or go for something more unexpected like a maxi dress.

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Now that we’re more used to wearing slides outside the house, it’s time to look for a more updated and stylish alternative (faux fur slides, anyone?). Even designer brands have taken a liking to slides, so it’s safe to say they're going to be on the 'It list' for a while. Whether you’re donning a tracksuit or a bathing suit, slides ought to be included in your year-round footwear essentials. Besides, what’s not to like? They’re comfortable, durable, sometimes even waterproof, and most importantly, affordable.

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Flat Boots

On what could be the trendiest shoe on this list, we’re ecstatic over the fact that flat boots are back in style. From ankle styles to over-the-knee to the classic Chelsea boot, it seems like their heeled counterparts have met their match. Moreover, they’re not exclusively for winter anymore—the SS21 runways made sure of that.

Style them with tailored pants and a mock neck top to channel the utilitarian vibes of the 50s. A structured tote can add a touch of edginess to your look, plus a mix of gold or silver jewelry.

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Loafers & Flats

We’re seeing this combo on the runway and street style scene once again, which means it’s bound to make an appearance in our wardrobe (sooner or later) too. Easy to dress up or down - these should be waiting by the door for you!

This 2021, we’d style this shoe with relaxed trousers and a popover blouse and accessorize with a pair of chunky hoop earrings to achieve that modern preppy look.

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Always go for a pair that can maximize your style

We gave you a rundown of our must-have pairs this season, but it’s up to you how you’re going to make each pair your own. Do you gravitate towards heels, or are you more of a sneakerhead? Either way, it’s about time you step out of your 2020 uniform (a.k.a. sweats and pajamas) and slip into something more stylish and uniquely you.

Discover more pretty pairs from our collection.


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