Spotted in Dressbarn: 4 Ways To Marry Comfort and Style

Spotted in Dressbarn: 4 Ways To Marry Comfort and Style

Spotted in Dressbarn: 4 Ways To Marry Comfort and Style - Dressbarn

Spotted in Dressbarn: 4 Ways To Marry Comfort and Style

Here in Dressbarn, we’re big believers that in choosing between style and comfort, you must choose both at all costs. But when it comes to self-styling, it’s not always so simple to gauge the middle ground between the two. We all want to look good and to feel good as we do it, and here’s how we can show you how it’s done.

Among the flood of OOTDs on social media, here are the multiple ways Dressbarn ladies are achieving comfortable chic outfit combinations using staple pieces such as sweaters, ponchos, jackets coats, and even pajamas! Spread the word and tag all your girlfriends for these easy style tips in marrying comfort and style.

Lounge in style 


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Relaxing indoors is a treat that we’ve come to truly know and cherish. But at the same time, as we’ve transitioned to work-from-home setups, we’re constantly grappling with a new routine. Even without an office to go to every morning, every lady should still muster up the creative energy to look good and feel good even at home. 

Lounging or working at home can be done in style by investing in chic and comfortable pajama sets, preparing stylish and elegant casual outfits for Zoom meetings, or getting a little bit more dressed up just for yourself. Make sure you get all the fun out of it!

Go for hip poncho pieces

Whoever says ponchos are outdated must not be looking at the right places. We love a hip poncho because they act like blankets, yet they add so much flair and personality to your every look. For effortless styling, let this piece do all the talking.

Chic outerwear are wardrobe staples

The best thing about chic outerwear is that you can throw them on or off for almost any occasion. They’re the go-to clothing accessory that allows you to switch up your style moods in an instant, and at the same time they’re functional and versatile. Raise the bar a little higher for your layering skills by as simple as wearing the right jacket or coat.

Sweaters for all seasons

Sweaters are key wardrobe investments. They come in different cuts, materials, and thickness. Depending on these details, sweaters are your go-to basic piece all-year round, as they make for comfy styling options. You can wear them with jeans, a midi skirt and boots, denim shorts, or over a maxi dress.

The secret’s out

Perhaps the real trick to looking good is to also feel comfortable, not just in your own clothes but also in your own skin. The first step to achieving this goal is to figure out what your style preferences are. This way, you also get a chance to really get to know your bodies. When you get to know your body and discover what style works best for you, you can wear almost anything you want with grace and confidence.

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