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What Makes These The Perfect Summer Dresses

What Makes These The Perfect Summer Dresses - Dressbarn

What Makes These The Perfect Summer Dresses

Summer is here! Time for breezy dresses that show off tanned arms and legs and make you glow under the sun. But what exactly makes a dress the perfect summer dress?

Summer dresses are usually made of thinner and lighter material so they’re cooler to the body which helps make the heat bearable. They’re usually designed with short sleeves or no sleeves, with thin straps or so straps at all to expose more skin, allowing the skin to breathe. They can come in different lengths but we do love short summer dresses. 

Here’s our take on what makes these pieces the perfect summer dresses for you to wear this season.

All About The Puff

Strawberry Fields Puff Sleeve Linen Mini Dress

If there’s one season where layering is non-existent or at a minimum, it’s summer. Now is the time to go big on volume with no outerwear to cover your cute outfit. Balloon sleeves or puff sleeves become the ideal accessory to an outfit. It adds a dramatic effect and allows more air to circulate inside the clothing which will make you feel more refreshed. 

Ruffle It Up

White Cotton Maya Mini Dress

Ruffles are the epitome of fun femininity and don’t girls just want to have fun all summer long? Ruffles not only create an interesting visual detail in your outfit, but they also highlight key portions in a flirty way. For these reasons, ruffled dresses make for the perfect summer dress. 

Shouldering The Details

Sienna One Shoulder Shirred Dress

Summer is all about showing off skin but the perfect summer dress exposes skin oh so stylishly. Go asymmetric and reveal just one shoulder. Choose straps with lace for a sweet expose. Try beribboned straps to highlight your sun-kissed shoulders. 

Time To Let Loose

Sukiso Women's Francesca Dress

Loosen up the clothing for these hot and possibly humid days. Loose pieces are easy and casual, that’s why this type of dress makes it perfect for summer. Let air circulate around your skin with these pieces that you’ll feel comfortable moving in wherever you go.

That’s A Wrap

Honey Bunny Blue Cotton Wrap Dress

We love clothes that you can easily wear over swimsuits or bikinis. That’s what makes wrap dresses the perfect summer dress. They’re easy to wear and can be removed with just a pull of the ribbon. Take them everywhere you go and have a hassle-free outfit change. They can serve as beach cover-ups as well. 

Take These Perfect Summer Dresses To The Streets

Parade around town in the perfect summer dresses with their dramatic volume, sexy details, or billowy silhouettes. Release your ultra-feminine vibe while wearing these and let it infect others to do the same. 

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