Your 10-piece Wardrobe for Spring/Summer – Dressbarn

Your 10-piece Wardrobe for Spring/Summer

Your 10-piece Wardrobe for Spring/Summer - Dressbarn

Your 10-piece Capsule Wardrobe for Spring/Summer Brought To You By Uma

The brand Uma pushes the envelope in spring and summer fashion by showcasing beautiful, wearable pieces designed to flatter women of all shapes, sizes and ages. We believe that fashion could be a tool to empower women and lift them, and at the same time, promote all of us to embrace our feminine side. Of kaftans, jumpsuits, and dresses, Uma does precisely this by crafting styles that strive to be accessible universally.
One of our fashion endeavors is to give you options and believe that you have the freedom to choose the right clothing materials for your taste. After all, it’s all a step forward to personalizing your style. For your spring and summer capsule wardrobe, we chose 10 pieces that would keep you fresh and fabulous even for hot and humid weather.



The Maxi Kaftan dress is an absolute winner when it comes to women’s casual summer dresses. This piece makes for an irresistible, sassy, yet elegant look. Its v-neckline design is universally flattering, while the front slit detail allows for more playfulness. We are especially drawn to its shiny and lightweight material that provides that expensive and high-quality look. This Maxi Kaftan dress can be worn with slides, as you tie your hair in a bun and read a good book. Lounge under the sun or relax by the garden while drinking a glass of ice-cold lemonade. With this piece, you can’t be bothered to spend less than a day pampering yourself with some wonderful “me” time. 

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This is precisely what you’ll need for a ladies’ night out during the warmer months. This simple, sleek, mini dress keeps you fun, sexy, but in an exquisite sense. The metal beads and viscose material prove to be youthful in design, yet subtly adding a sophisticated touch. Not too much, not too little - just right. With this, you won’t need anything else but a pair of heels and some dangling earrings! It’s the perfect dress to bring out your fun side as you dance the night away, or have that long overdue sangria night with your best gals. 

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We can picture you in The Phoebe Dress as you host a special gathering at home. Let your friends and family pour in as you entertain them with a glass of rosé. The elasticized empire waistline accentuates the waist to emphasize your figure. Meanwhile, the v-neckline cut is a flattering feature. Our favorite detail is the ruched, adjustable shoulder ribbon. Accessorize the Phoebe Dress with a long lace pendant necklace and finish the look with comfortable flat sandals. Not only is this piece available in regular sizes, but it also stands out as one of our trendy plus size clothing items as well.

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We love a piece that incorporates unconventional stripes. This Kaftan Striped Dress is fashionable, relaxed, and lightweight. It’s perfect for the busiest errands in the hot and humid weather when you absolutely can’t be bothered. Yet even on the laziest days, you can wear this and still look fabulous. It’s a dress worth having and wearing over and over again.

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Who said bags aren’t included in our everyday fashion staples? Being able to use a single bag for an entire season may be impossible, but it sure does take away the hassle. The Jasmine Bag is roomy - great for essentials such as your phone, wallet, keys, and a small vanity kit. It’s secure due to its simple drawstring feature, and it can be worn with both straps on one shoulder or one on either side like a small backpack. What’s even better is that it goes well with every piece on this list.

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Jumpsuits and dresses everywhere! The spring and summer seasons are all about flowy, light, and comfortable looks - from maxi to midi to mini. Hop on this Jasmine Jumpsuit, zip it up, and tie the ribbon around your waist for an accentuated figure. Yes, it’s that easy to look so well put-together. We wish it could be like this every day! Since we love this piece so much, we made sure to have more sizes to include it in our plus size clothing collection.

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Crisp white and pristine, nothing is more refreshing than an ensemble such as this. The Amber Dress is flowy and lightweight, which is an excellent option for brunch dates and even romantic dinner dates. We especially love its demure look on the front with the ribbon waist tie. The back features a small open cut to reveal some skin. Look closely for the finer details, too - they make up this sheer, classy piece for women of all ages.

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How do we add a bit more style to our usual button-up shirt? Simply add pockets, and it will give it some flair. The Aquarella Shirt cuts a v-neckline and relieves you from the collared look, allowing for fuss-free breathability. We’d especially love to style this with loungewear linen bottoms, French-tucked. You can also turn it into a dressy top and wear it to the office, just pair it with some skinny trousers and a pair of heels. This piece is available in regular and plus sizes as well.

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Let’s try to go a little bit more formal. On some nights, there’s a special dinner we have to attend at someplace fancy. Other times, some events ask us to dress up more. This Topaz Stripe Jumpsuit would be a viable option just for these special occasions. Pair it up with an alluring pair of stud earrings, a pendant necklace, a watch, a couple of suede block heels, and a clutch bag. Et voila! You’re good to go! These quick tweaks create for such a significant transformation. This piece is also available in regular and plus sizes.

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Iconic, classy, and striking, but in the most uncomplicated way, the Eden Dress is a staple for hectic Mondays. Nevermind the stress. At least you look great! The collar, button-up feature, and waist tie detail easily make this a garment of your choice. With this casual dress, you can be diligent at work while keeping the easygoing vibe. This piece is available in regular and plus sizes, too.

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Sometimes, spring and summer fashion doesn’t always mean wearing cami tops and cami shift dresses that show off a lot of skin. It just means knowing the right fabric materials for the weather and knowing which cuts work best for extra breathability and comfort. We absolutely love to share with you these pieces because we believe they flatter and celebrate women of all shapes and sizes.

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