Your Post-Lockdown Wardrobe Is Here – Dressbarn

Your Post-Lockdown Wardrobe Is Here

Your Post-Lockdown Wardrobe Is Here - Dressbarn

Your Post-Lockdown Wardrobe Is Here

After months of isolation, you’re finally ready to reemerge into the world. And we can’t blame you for feeling anxious as you step outside for the first time ever. May it be a quick catch-up with your inner circle over brunch at your fave cafe or attending a physical work event, one question you might ask is, “What should I wear?”

It’s okay to feel different when fitting into your old going-out clothes, but there are several reasons why you should consider getting new ones. Don’t fret; we’ve rounded up this guide on which outfits you should go for when going out. We’re as excited as you to go through our wardrobe again to dress up for the occasion.

(Very) Intimate Weddings

Shop the Faux Wrap Floral Maxi Dress, $54.95

With the restrictions following the pandemic, it’s now normal for soon-to-wed couples to get married in an intimate setting. After all, social distancing has become an integral part of our daily lives ever since we can remember. For weddings, floral dresses seem to be the guests’ go-to as they evoke femininity and grandeur at the same time. Besides, they can be worn with plain, nude heels - your safest best when choosing the best formal footwear. For virtual weddings (yes, they still happen), pretty blouses should come on top of your mind. Make sure to opt for simple printed ones, so you can look best on camera.

Here are pieces you can choose from:

In-Office Business Meetings

Shop the Roz & Ali Chain Trim Flutter Sleeve Blouse, $32.95

One of the changes that many of us had to go through is our work setup. From the usual four-wall office rooms, business meetings became online conferences. But if you’re one who must meet prospective clients physically, it’s time to pull out your office staples from your wardrobe. They might come in handy for the next time you’re meeting a client in person to present your proposal. Good luck in sealing that business deal!

Here are pieces you can choose from:

Dinner Dates

Shop the Jacqueline Midi Sheath - Plus, $101.95

The time has come to celebrate love al fresco style. It’s much sweeter when you go on an outdoor dinner date with your significant other or your family & friends. It’s your chance to dress to impress with pieces that you’re comfortable with. It’s what matters when you style up because of a romantic dinner date. Throw on a dress or cozy separates for ease of movement because you’ll most likely spend more time catching up under the stars. Look for your favorite heels and statement accessories to go with your outfit.

Here are pieces you can choose from:

BBQ-at-Home Parties

Shop the Tie Dye Ruffle Sleeve Knit Top - Plus, $39.95

A friend has sent you an invite to her BBQ party. You rummage through your casual outfits but can’t seem to find the perfect pieces to wear. Since house parties are more relaxed than the usual soirees, you can go for nice and easy blouses. You’ll definitely do a lot of socializing with your friends, so comfortable yet chic numbers are a sartorial option. Denim jeans can also work for you as they never go out style, and they ensure your utmost comfort at all times. Grab your flats because you’re in for a friendly bonding session all night long.

Here are pieces you can choose from:

Out-of-Town Trips

Shop the Tropical Print Maxi Dress - Plus, $45.95

Squeezing in a short getaway before summer ends? You’re in luck because we’ve got just the pieces to perfect your beach looks. Our collection of warm-weather-appropriate outfits can help you decide your looks in advance from maxi dresses to kimonos. All you need is to prepare your straw hats and bags to carry all your essentials, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and special skincare products to keep your skin in tip-top shape.

Here are pieces you can choose from:

Going Out in Style

No matter what your plans are, you always have to look your best. Whether it’s meeting people or enjoying some quality time with your loved ones, you must live life to its fullest. Wear that floral blouse or those flattering jeans because you’ll never know when you can go out again. Things can be so unpredictable these days, so it’s best to dress up for yourself.

Are you ready to shop for new pieces for stylish outings? Dressbarn has a myriad of clothing items to choose from.

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