Outfit Accessories for Any Event - Dressbarn

Outfit Accessories for Any Event - Dressbarn

Outfit Accessories for Any Event - Dressbarn - Dressbarn

Outfit Accessories for Any Event

Now that you've learned about the types of accessories and how to accessorize, it's time to put everything into practice. Choosing the right accessories for specific outfits or events will help you display your personality and showcase your creativity.

Below, we'll take you through a few common scenarios where you may need to plan specific outfits and the kinds of accessories you might choose. From casual to formal, here are some ideas to help you get started.


Athleisure is more popular than ever. Over the last year, this style of clothing became a big part of everyone's wardrobe. But just because you're dressed in sweats doesn't mean you can't accessorize. Choosing the right accessories to match your casual look can help you go from frumpy to fabulous.

For example, black yoga pants and a gray racerback tank is super comfortable for the gym, walk through your neighborhood, or running errands around town. But you can pair this seemingly simple outfit with easy accessories like a stylish hair clip or a fun pair of socks to add a bit of flair. Love shoes? You can take a neutral athleisure look to the next level with a pair of sneakers in a fun color to add some pop.

Everyday Look for Running Errands

For an everyday look, a go-to outfit is a stylish pair of skinny jeans and a V-neck tee. It's a comfortable combination for running errands. Add some flair by including outfit accessories such as a necklace to show off your décolletage or cute sandals to complement a colorful pedicure in the summertime. You can even accessorize with belts for form and function.

And don’t forget the power of accessorizing with jewelry. This inspirational charm necklace makes a bold (and literal) statement to spice up an outfit. Slip on a pair of comfortable tennis shoes like this gemstone canvas sneaker. And don't forget the practical nature of many accessories, like this stylish leather cross-body bag.

Work From Home

Now more than ever, more people are working from home. But even when you're remote, you’ll likely need to make your share of appearances on video conference calls. Accessorizing doesn't just make you look more professional in front of the camera; it also helps you feel more put together, which can improve your productivity.  

Of course, one of the biggest WFH perks is being to get away with pajamas shorts and slippers – but you’ll want to accessorize your top half if you’re on video. Focus your outfit accessories around your shoulders, ears, and hair. A layered chain necklace, like this Jester Heart Pendant, is a great starting point, or a classic pair of hoops like these aura earrings. Tired of hair in your face? Pull your locks back with a fun hair accessory like these animal print clips.

At the Office

If you were in an office, how you’ll accessorize depends on the dress code – but here are some easy tips for business professional settings. Adding statement accessories is a great way to accent a neutral office look. For example, if you're wearing a pair of tailored black pants with a neutral blouse and heels, you can add a statement necklace like this option with a red bead or this pendant option in a stand-out animal print. A chic ankle boot is a great way to dress up your professional attire in the colder months, and don't forget scarves to spice up a simple black turtleneck (we love the Marilyn).

A Baby or Bridal Shower

Milestone life events are also a great place to show off your ability to accessorize. Whether you're a friend of the bride or mom-to-be, you want to look your best at the party. Depending on the venue, like a garden party or lunch at a restaurant, you may choose simple summer dress accessories.  

You can add some flair with wedge sandals which elongate your legs and add interesting texture. An outdoor event is prime time for accessorizing with a straw bucket hat to show off your style and protect yourself from the sun. If it's a little chilly, choose outerwear like this Claudia.G plaid shawl, which makes a statement in black and yellow.

An Engagement Party or Wedding

Engagement parties or weddings are typically formal events that give you a chance to shine. For example, you can accessorize a black dress in endless ways to showcase your personality and have a little fun.

If you're attending a wedding and want to look great but not outshine the wedding party, add a little sparkle to your dress with a pair of gold bar earrings. If you're the mother of the bride, you can choose your look from Dressbarn’s Mother of the Bride collection and pair your pick with a gold medallion set. And don't forget a clutch to hold your things, like the Alex clutch.

A Casual Wedding

Some weddings are much more casual. Outdoor weddings, destination weddings, or beach weddings don't necessarily need the formal look of black-tie events. A casual wedding might require a simple sundress or something that makes you feel comfortable.

But comfort doesn't mean you can't accessorize. On a bright summer day, have a pair of classy sunglasses on hand. If the weather is a little cooler, throw on a comfortable but stylish shawl. Wear comfortable shoes for outdoor space, too, like the Ellen demi wedge. Depending on the wedding location, you may even need to plan to pack a few items, and having a great bag in your accessory arsenal is a great idea.

A Tropical Vacation

Do you dream of a getaway to a tropical island? Whether you're headed to Hawaii or the Caribbean islands, you want to be comfortable and cute every day of vacation. But packing light is also a must. What kinds of things do you need on your tropical vacay?

Let's start with the basics. A great straw bag is a must for a day at the beach. Add a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes but keep you looking chic. A simple bracelet or necklace will finish off any outfit. Accessorize with belts for casual afternoons at cafes. Bring along a fancy dress for any evening activities, along with the right shoes like these strappy, cut-out mules. The options for outfit accessories for a tropical vacation are endless.

Ready, Set, Go: Choose Outfit Accessories That Make You Happy

Our guide to accessorizing is just the beginning. Now that you’ve learned the main types of accessories, trendy accessories, and how to accessorize, it’s time to put it all into practice.

We want you to go out into the world and show us what you've got. Check out the accessories available at Dressbarn to add beloved pieces to your wardrobe, along with fun accessories you have in your drawers or precious family heirlooms: mix, match, and style outfits with confidence, and be sure to tag us in your favorite styles on Instagram. 


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