Styling Your Outfit with Trendy Accessories – Dressbarn

Styling Your Outfit with Trendy Accessories – Dressbarn

Styling Your Outfit with Trendy Accessories – Dressbarn - Dressbarn

12 Trendy Accessories for 2021

With every year and every season, fashion trends come and go, which means there’s no shortage of the types of accessories you can incorporate into your looks. Incorporating trendy accessories into your outfits is a great way to experiment with new styles, if only for a passing moment. While it's essential to have timeless accessories in your wardrobe, playing with the latest trends is a fun way to express yourself.  

As you learn how to accessorize, keeping a pulse on trendy accessories is arguably one of the most satisfying parts! But what accessories are trending now? Below, we'll go over some of our favorite 2021 accessory trends and show you how to curate capsule accessories and incorporate them into your outfits for extra oomph. You never know; some of these new trends might become your favorite fashion-forward accessories to carry into the future.

1. Square-Toe Shoes

One of this year's biggest footwear trends is square-toe shoes, and thanks to surging popularity, you can find this fashion-forward accessory in nearly any color.

One pair we’re loving for 2021 is the Marjorie loafer, a versatile square-toed option that’s perfect for a casual orprofessional look, depending on your vibe. Wear these loafers with jeans for a day running errands or with a tailored suit for the office.

2. Chunky Chains

Big, chunky chains are back. Whether a bracelet or necklace, large links are making a statement. Gold is especially popular right now, but other materials and colors can also add a pop to your outfit.

If you want a chunky chain on your wrist, we love this handcrafted capsule link bracelet. Or, to emphasize your neckline, try the multi-chain Jester Heart necklace in either gold or silver. These trendy accessories can elevate many looks.

3. Statements Hoops

Earrings are another way you can make a bold statement with your capsule accessories, combining timeless outfits with the latest earring trends. While hoop earrings have been popular for a long time, they're certainly on-trend this year.

Bright-colored dangling hoops like the Petra earrings are a great addition to add bold color and design to your outfits.

4. Tights With a Twist

Jewelry pieces aren't the only fashion-forward accessories to have fun with this year. Tights are making a huge comeback in fashion, and this time with a twist. Tights with exciting details, such as embroidery or beading, look great to dress up any outfit.

Classic fishnets are still popular, such as these fishnet tights in black or white. Or look for bright colors and embellished options that you can pair with your outfits to spice them up. Wear them with skirts or shorts to add an extra punch.

5. Almond-Shaped Nails

While you may think painting your nails falls into the category of self-care, the right nail design can be a great way to accessorize your outfits.  

On-trend right now are almond-shaped nails – longer nails with a slight taper at the tip to elongate the fingers. Almond-shaped nails look great in a neutral tone or embellished with designs or rhinestones. Talk to your nail technician to learn more about this trendy accessory for your overall look.

6. White Boots

Who says you can wear white after Labor Day? White is an excellent color for accessorizing any outfit all year long and one of the biggest accessory trends of 2021 is white boots. For a casual or dressy outfit, consider adding booties like the Embiee Ankle Bootie.

7. Hair Claw Clips

When talking trendy accessories, we can forget about the hair. One of the biggest accessory trends of this year is hair claw clips. Reminiscent of the ‘90s, hair claw clips come in a rainbow of colors and styles to be used both practically and to add flair to your wardrobe.

You can find hair claw clips at any price point with both subtle and bold details. They also make great capsule accessories that can be used for a variety of outfits.

8. Leopard Print Handbags

Handbags are a practical item and an accessory that can elevate your entire look. If you want something bold that makes a statement, consider adding a leopard print handbag to your closet.

Our leopard print straw tote is excellent for a casual day running errands or for a trip to the beach.

9. Colorful Sunglasses

Your eyes need protection from the sun, but you can also accessorize your outfit with your choice of shades.  

Bright colors are in right now, so consider skipping the traditional tortoiseshell or black frames for a bold color like red, green, or yellow. These can become part of your capsule accessories when paired with more subdued outfits.

10. Retro Scarves

Remember headscarves from the ‘50s and ‘60s? They're back again, and now these trendy accessories are a little updated. Hand-painted silk scarves are all the rage and can be worn in many ways. Use your scarf as a head covering, tied around a ponytail, around your neck, or to a handbag. Our floral vintage pashmina scarf is the perfect blend of classic and modern for your wardrobe.

11. Carry-All Totes

Small purses and evening clutches still have their place, but today's big trend is carry-all totes. This go-to bag is something you can use all the time to carry everything you need with you.

This Luminous Leather tote is perfect for all occasions. It's practical, too, since you won't have to switch between purses when you're on the go and can become a cornerstone piece in your capsule accessories collection.

12. Pastels

Pastels are in! Whether you're picking out a purse, shoes, scarves, or sunglasses, consider these bright, fun colors. Pastel pinks, oranges, yellows, and purples can complement a variety of outfits. Pick out a fun pink hat, or grab some sneakers in orange to add a pop of color to any casual outfit.

Find Your Perfect Trendy Accessories

Now that you know what's on-trend this year, it’s time to learn more about finding and incorporating the right outfit accessories into your daily looks.

Our next chapter will discuss how to use these fun new fashion-forward accessories in your outfits. We'll discuss combining styles and editing your look. You'll also learn how to use color, scale, and texture to make your wardrobe sparkle.


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